Apr 16, 2011

It Came from the Toychest! Battle Armor Skeletor!

Like He-Man before him, Skeletor got himself a Battle Armor! I did forgot to make a BA He-Man review... (lost the pics for that one.) but I knew Skeletor wouldn't be too far behind.
Now Skeletor is Here! What can I say about the figure? He's a MOTUC Figure so you already must have an idea of what you'd expect here... What's new? BATTLE ARMOR BABY!
Unlike the Battle Armor of the 80s, the MOTUC Battle Armor works with swappable plates:
As mentioned on the Palace Guards Review. Skeletor has three plates: No damage, one slash and two slashes! In addition to that he gets a brand new Skeletor Ax! (Inspired by the Filmation Episode: The Diamond Ray of Disappearance, but it's a purple He-Man ax in execution.)
Now let's get unto the ratings. You already know that 1 is as crappy as having a giant red useless dial on the middles of the back of your vac metal gold plain, undetailed armor and 5 is as awesome as Chuck Norris being ridden by Battle Cat!
Standard MOTUC Articulation here! Nothing new. The thick armor does restrict the ab crunch and shoulder articulation a bit... The Shoulders seem to be assembled correctly, no issues there... There is a HUGE Articulation issue: The waist seems to get "fused" to the loincloth and it doesn't want to budge unless you summon the Power of Grayskull to move it... BA He-Man seems to suffer the same fate to a lesser extent.
Paint and Sculpt:
Sculptwise, the only new pieces are the armor pieces. They're really nifty! No complaints here. Paintwise on the other hand... AWFUL!
Let's begin with the Purple Feet. Yes the Vintage figure had them... Yes this line is supposed to be a tribute to the vintage line... You also have 3 toed non-naked feet that barely get any reuse...
At least keep the toenails the same color as the "shoes". Fanboy rants aside Looking at the feet I found blue globs on both of the greaves... Moving higher up the armor has a few splotches of paint on the black areas. Things like gloss on some non glossy parts and flat black where some glossy parts should be. I can let that slide... What I can't let slide is a HUGE UNPANINTED AREA OF HIS ARMOR!!! To add insult to injury his twin slashed plate is underpainted on the slashed areas... (The single slash has a buttload of paint on it...)
Skeletor has the 3 plates and an ax. Just like He-Man. I would've preferred an Additional Havoc staff, but Logistics and all that.
Overall: 3.16
The score is so low because I really got a crappy version of the toy. It lost points because of stuck joints and craptacular paint job. I'm judging it harshly because this was MY Skeletor and dammit I didn't want him to suck!!

I'm using the Mo-Larr vs Skeletor head on my BA Skeletor... Considering repainting Skeletor's head... or at least the teeth!

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