Apr 16, 2011

It came from the Toy Chessssst: Serpos Worshipping Edition

The third evil faction leader has arrived! It's True! It's true! Finally King Hssss has come back to my Toy chest... Technically this is my very first version of the character... Well let's get on with the Review!
He's another Masters of The Universe Classics figure, so you already have an Idea what to expect.
As always 1 is crap and 5 is awesome! But before I start with the review I need to get something off my chest: Mattel Screwed up King Hssss. The shoulders were made backwards like Roboto (which I couldn't get.) and there is no plans for Mattel to release a fixed figure...
King Hssss has the average MOTUC Articulation, although the shoulders have a bit of trouble here due to Mattel making the molds wrong. The snake Torso has 2 bendy snakes and the main snake has 1. POA on the Jaw.
Human: 3.0 Snake: 3.5
Sculpt & Paint:
This Hssss is sadly 100% Pure Vintage. Part of me wished some of his 200X elements had been mixed with him (Like the Chief Carnivus loincloth). Aside from the stylistic choices the scuplt is top notch Very little parts reused and what was reused was masked well.
The Snake form is OK. The size is a tad impressive, but the amount of snakes is wrong. Also, due to some reason or what not; the sanek fangs look like Buck teeth instead of fangs.
Paintwise he has a decent paintjob with very little slop. but the slop on his face makes it look like Hssss's skin is cracking up and the snakes within may explode in any second.
Human: 4.5 Snake 3.5
Hssss has a Staff, and a shield. The staff has a cool snakesurrounding it and is in two tone metallic green! The shield is two tone red with a lot of Snake motifs on it.
For some reason the shield was made to be used on the left hand only AND that reduces some of it's fun factor.
Human: 3.83 Snake: 3.66
It's not that King Hssss is a crappy character, but a couple of flaws from the start also hindered his score. It seems that Mattel lost an opportunity to make this figure surpass all previous Hssss figures by making the snake form so short. If the backwards shoulders get on your nerves here's a video on how to fix them. It's very easy I tried it myself...

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