Sep 30, 2012

It came from the Toy Chest: I'm invited to a Royal Wedding!

I have been invited to a Royal Wedding!!

You had to expect that cause there's no Royal Wedding sets on MOTU, GI Joe, Transformers, DC or Marvel toys...
I'm going to tackle the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Pony Princess Wedding Castle playset.
Shining Armor and Princess Mi Amore Cadenza
As you can see it features 2 Ponies... Princess Mi Amore Cadenza and Shining Armor... who is no other than

Thanks for the explanation, Twilight...
OK, so I have a lot of assembling to do, so Listen to a song where Twilight explains more about Shining Armor...

OK so the Castle is finally built. Let's get it on!

So you can see that the castle is done, it has a door that swivels on its bottom  side, like most castle doors with a drawbridge (or Jawbridge) some decorations, a Piano (non-functional) for somepony to play Here comes the Bride... A small Table a Teapot and 2 cups, Cake... Keep it away from Pinkie Pie... A Chandelier, rings for the bride and groom, tiaras, Mi Amore Cadanza's Necklace,a  Purse, the Bouquet, a comb and a swing for the lovebirds to watch Celestia raise the moon. a Butterfly friend that looks familiar...

I wouldn't recommend putting a Pony where I've placed Rainbow Dash for this picture.
She's too heavy.
The Playset has a few pegs where you can put some "Friends" (The little animals that come with most ponies) or Spike... The Purse only works on Mi Amore Cadenza... The Bouquet works on almost everypony. The reason WHY I LOVE this playset is because it's pretty small but has plenty of space for Many ponies!

I must mention that the two ponies included are Pretty Special! Shining Armor is the First Colt on the FIM Line... You know who could reuse that buck with a new Earth Pony head?

Also, Cadance's body... or if you want to use her full name Mi Amora Cadenza could be used on WINGED UNICORNS... *cough* LUNA! *cough*
Now that I've gone through all the stuff, it's THAT TIME AGAIN!! IT'S RATINGS TIME!
I'll do the Ponies first, then the Playset itself.

Both Cadance and Shining Armor have a single point of Articulation on their heads. Normally this earns them a 1.0 but using the Pony curve it's a Full 4.0

Paint and Sculpt:
There is little paint on the figures. (Cutie Mark and Eyes is where the paint is at. everything else seems to be molded in appropriate colors.) Their accessories have a little paint. Both Shining Armor and Cadance have sculpts that are NOT your Average Pony mold... as I mentioned before.
For the Honor of Love... By the Power Above! I have a pony! a Macho Pony!
As you can see on a video above, Twilight shakes her stuff to Cadance...
Twilight's butt looks like a Chikorita
Here I have to split the evaluation cause Cadance has more stuff than her Husband!

She's got her necklace, Tiara, Ring, Veil, Cape,Purse, Bouquet, Animal Friend... That gets her a 5.0

Shining Armor has his plastic Tuxedo, tiara and ring. 4.5

Cadance gets a 3.5 without the pony curve, with it she gets a 4.5 

Her Hubby, Shining Armor, ranks a bit lower 3.33 without the curve. Ponifying the score he gets a 4.33

The Playset itself:
As I said, the playset may be small but it has enough space to display some ponies... The swing is functional. The assembly was pretty easy, but those accursed stickers...
I'd have to give it a 4.0 It's pretty good, but the stickers are a bit of a pain and it's a bit hard to display the cake AND the Tea set... also why add a set of accessories that these ponies CAN'T USE!! Looks like I might steal the tea set and use it on another line... a 7 inch line of scantily-clad men...
I really need a Celestia that is IN SCALE with Everypony else...
If you're into ponies, this set is for you! If you don't like Ponies, then this set is NOT for you... OBVIOUSLY... I might borrow the cake and tea set for Bow the Butler or for the next MOTU Christmas pic! Now I have Sorceress, so Duncan might get some company...
Twilight Sparkle: in real life
The sounds you hear in the background are from my brain being Michael Bay'd
Can brains explode TWICE? Cause mine is going by the 42nd explosion 

Back to the pony review!! Now, if Hasbro makes a Playful Ponies scale Derpy, and a Big Macintosh then this would be 20% cooler... Need to get the CMC, Zecora, the TRU set with DJ-Pon3, TG&P Trixie, and NIGHTMARE MOON! and the Canterlot set with yet another Twilight Sparkle and Spike...

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