Sep 16, 2012

the Tragedy of Princess Glimmer

Ah, Princess Glimmer of Bright Moon, the Princess whose real name eludes me... Cause she hasn't gotten a MOTUC figure...

This is Glimmer, the guide who Lights the way!
The Real Leader of the Great Rebellion!!

As I said, she's the Princess of Bright Moon, so that would make her mother Queen and her father King... and That little fact made her parents targets to the world conquering Evil Horde... They kidnapped her father, captured her mother and poor Glimmer was left off to fend herself. She gathers a few people who are extremely pissed of at Hordak and his Evil Horde, cause they're evil and are pillaging and looting the heck out of Etheria. These folks are what we know as The Great Rebellion!!

-"Hold on a minute! Isn't Adora the Leader of  The Great Rebellion?"
"I thought Glimmer was the brat of the group!"

I was half expecting that. We WILL Get there... So here we have Glimmer a girl who became an orphan in a sense... Both of her parents prisoners of the Horde. Robbed of her Childhood, Glimmer is pretty much forced to "grow up". Some of her so-called childish behavior could be due to her sill being too young and robbed of her childhood. Now to make matters worse, an usurper takes her spot as "Leader of the Great Rebellion!" I'm talking about

I'm talking about the Former Force Captain of the Evil Horde who is a real flake... Come on! she's trained her whole life on Horde Warfare. I'm sure that she'd be pretty useful in Battle... But there's always something with her not showing up for battle.

Bow: "Oh no! the Horde is attacking Bright Moon! We need to do something, Adora!"
Adora: "Sorry, Bow! I'm riding the cotton Pony!"

Castaspella: "Adora! I was wondering if you could ask your brother to come over!
Adora: "uhhhh...  Sorry, Casta! I'm watching a Spector Who Marathon..."

Sure, the Adorites will probably say, those are her lame excuses in order for her to transform into She-Ra... and that ISN'T The POINT!! The point is that once Adora and She-Ra joined the Rebellion, Glimmer became a Sidekick... and one easily replaced to boot! Cause she was "Demoted to Extra" in the later episodes of the Cartoon...

This is why Bow freaking LOVES the Great Rebellion! 
Glimmer is pretty much the Princess of Power version of Midge...(as in Barbie's Best Friend) but without the whole getting knocked up and watchdog groups complaining about her being preggo without a ring on her finger... or some other crap like that! Also Midge was replaced as Barbie's best friend... and is nowhere to be seen in her current movies... kinda like Glimmer!

Now I have to tackle the Snout Spout in the room... Masters of the Universe Classics... Y'all knew it was inevitable. It was stated pretty much on the very second sentence of this rant!! There is very little Princess of Power in MOTUC... I've already mentioned how most of  the Vintage MOTU characters that were key players in the cartoons have made it to the line, while POP is severely Lacking...
I mean, would the Vintage MOTU fans be OK if they had:
Prince Adam
Thunder Punch He-Man
Battle Cat
a 3 pack of He-Ro, King Grayskull,Vikor

I bet you'd be pissed cause there is no Man-at-Arms, right? Well, that's the problem with Glimmer!
She's important to the canon, due to her role as First Leader of the Great Rebellion. She's a Wave 1 She-Ra Character (like her or hate her, you can't deny her importance) SHE's as important to She-Ra as Man-at-Arms is to He-Man (except the fact that she doesn't know She-Ra = Adora)

This actually proves my theory wrong!
I never expected to see people cosplaying as Angella
To make things WORSE Adora theoretically gets BOTH of her Love interests... (Sea Hawk if you go with the toons, Bow if you go with the toys and his perverted fantasies... Cause he's NOT GAY!! No, really, he is not!) Glimmer won't GET ANY!! Her Toon Love interest is really obscure... also What a super original name he had... Romeo... and her Toy love interest never made it to Toy form cause of Potato salad...

I still can't believe how such an important character is being left behind... It's not like we had to wait 4 years to get Man-at-Arms or Teela!  With that said, Glimmer is a character too important to be left behind... Sure, it's cool to have Star Sisters or Netossa (on 2013) but getting Snout Spout or the Meteorbs is not as awesome as Getting MAA... Yes, I'm repeating myself here just to emphasize her importance. No matter how annoying, or childish she might seem, her role in Etherian History is VERY IMPORTANT and that's why she deserves more attention than the Vikors, Demo-Men, Laser-Lots, Fighting Foe Men, Gygors, Cy-Chops, etc.
Now, don't get me wrong, those guys are cool and all that, but if the line ends without Glimmer representing the PoP side of MOTUC, I'm going to be VERY pissed off.

I'd like to point out that having Glimmer being Jealous of Adora's role on the Rebellion was roughly 70 episodes too late! Seriously, 86 episodes into the show and NOW Glimmer feels jealous of Adora?
It kinda feels like everybody hates Glimmer!


  1. Love this rant! Glimmer is truly a hidden gem. I really hope to see her soon in MOTUC.

    1. I guess that's why I cried reading your Glimmer story... I REALLY HOPE she shows up soon... causeof what I stated above!