Sep 24, 2012

Post-Power-Con thoughts

Power-Con 2012 was a memorable one for MOTUC fans... We got 3 1/2 reveals and Señor Neitlich dropped an Atomic Bomb on us...

We'll get to that later.
The Reveals were:
For the MOTUC Vintage Era, Representing the Sssssinissssster Ssssssnakemen we have
For the Filmation Sets, Representing the Princess of Power Cartoon, the Tentacled Evil OCTAVIA!!!
For the New Adventures Team we have the Space Mutant who is as fast as Lightning!! KARATTI!!
You can see pics at Toynewsi's site!

The 1/2 of a reveal is a weapon for a big bad Vintage Character... who is a good guy and has super reflexes and his weapon of choice is a Clamp made for a Champ! CLAMP CHAMP IS COMING BABY!!
Now for the Atomic Bomb of the reveals...
Spike! Roll the clip!


I know, I've ranted about Playsets before and their importance... Now MOTUC is getting a Grayskull most likely based on the Prototype made by Mark Taylor... The Vikor creator guy...
Well, there are a few snags, but IT'S GRAYSKULL!!
The thing is that we'd have to pre-order it around the time of New Yourk comic Con which is in 2-3 weeks... and we need about the same number as subscriptions for 2013... also it's roughly $200 + shipping and Handling

It will be most likely based on the prototype which is kinda cool!

Which is Kinda cool and all that, BUT it has the biggest "Flaw" that I see in MOTUC. Sticking TOO Close to the Vintage toys look instead of combining the elements from all versions to create an "Ultimate version" of the character... In a Way Castle Grayskull IS a character... One that would benefit from getting an "Ultimate Version" instead of doing a re-do from a past version.
To be honest, I'm kinda glad that it's leaning towards the Vintage Grayskull, cause that one has more Playability than its 200X counterpart. But if I worked for Mattel had an unlimited budget and could create an Ultimate Grayskull, Here's what I WOULD DO: (This is something I did around the time of the Playset rant, but did not upload. It was made LONG before Scott Neitlich had dropped the playset bomb on us)

I know it's a Logistical Nightmare!
Let's Start with the Outside of the Castle:
While THE MOST ICONIC Look for Castle Grayskull is the FILMATION VERSION, I did nto went with that version.

Mostly because we already have an Official Classics Grayskull on Scareglow's Reliquary. That's the reason why the Outside of the Castle looks like that. As you can see I've got the Castle's Jawbridge a bit elevated. there's a reason for that. (More about it when discussing the INSIDE of the Castle.)
The pics have some measurements: 50 Inches tall by 35 inches wide, which would make it into a GINORMOUS Grayskull. (roughly 7 MOTUC FiguresTall and 5 MOTUC Figures Wide) But since that would be TOO BIG... but admit it a Grayskull THAT size would be SWEET! I'd suggest a smaller 38 by 26
which is roughly  (5 MOTUC by 3 1/2 figures wide) and at the same time it would be as big as the original suggested size FOR THE ORIGINAL MOTU FIGURES!! (Part of a crazy idea I had for this was that if Mattel made another MOTU line in the same size as the Original figures, they could make a castle BIG ENOUGH for both scales... Buying the Castle at retail for the smaller figs, while buying a MOTUC Conversion Kit for the Castle on Mattycollector.) Now back on to the Ramp for the Jawbridge. Aside it being a nod to Filmation it also helps to have the Castle Elevated and create a faux abyss as seen in multiple media (Filmation and MYP Cartoons) Not to mention an extra Level for the Castle! (Roughly 1-2 figures tall, depending on which of my two proposed sizes you go by...)
But let's face it it would be pretty sweet!

Now the Inside is a bit harder to tackle, because I want an ULTIMATE GRAYSKULL, not one of the 2 versions Redone. I want it to go beyond that. But at the same time I HAD to sacrifice a LOT of Stuff.
The Filmation version of the sorceress' throne had to be axed, due to the "basement level". I also had to eliminate the planned Crystal room from 200X because it would have been Next to the Dungeon and it doesn't make sense to have the prisoners so close to what you have to protect the most on the Castle.
So let's take a look at my "Ideal Grayskull interior"! (drawing not made to scale)
We'll start with the Basement, where your Heroes can train using the combat trainer (like in the vintage Castle) using their own weapons or the ones from the 2 Weapons racks (one like the one released on Matty and on the Original Grayskull, and the second one based on the smaller Rack that was a cardboard insert on the Original Castle) The Dungeon is obviously on the basement. (Based mostly on the 200X Version with a sculpted version of the vintage Dungeon insert. Can be placed on the wall or on the floor)
If you go up the Elevator to the second Level (Ground Floor) you'd find the Throne with the secret trap door that would dump the invaders to the dungeon, a place for the Grayskull computers (sculpted based on their vintage look... not shown) Also you could have the Grayskull "space suit or Robot" on this floor (or any floor) The Ladder can be placed on any floor... (Once again, the drawing wasn't made to scale, my bad.)
"Level 2" is pretty much the second level of the 200X Castle. Here is where the Electronics would be, the little chamber with an Orb Holder PLUS Vac Metal versions of the Power sword and Sword of Protection. Also, not shown here, a "Portal to Etheria" could be added (Modular, of course in case you'd rather have it on the "ground floor" or anything.

Obviously, the towers would have the Flag and the Laser turret.

The Last Update I'd do to this would be having a "false wall" to cover one figure on the Castle's basement... That figure is...

And that's what I'd do for an Ultimate Castle Grayskull... Assuming I worked For Mattel and the MOTU team had infinite resources to do one like this... Sadly, this sucker would be EXTREEEEEEEEEEEMELY Expensive...

With that said, All I HOPE for this MOTUC Grayskull is that we get a Kickass castle, and that all the stickers and Cardboard cutouts are made as 3D Plastic items. (Also that it is made at least as big as the 200X castle) and if for some Miracle, the Talon Fighter and Point Dread are made that they can be Modular and FIT on a Castle Grayskull Tower... And I wouldn't Say no to a MOTUC Battle Station like the 200X Battle Station.

Now, back on track with the main issue here:
We have a set of reveals that covers MOTU, POP and NA... something that rarely occurs in MOTUC... I mean look at the 2013 Line-up so far:
Ram Man Representing MOTU's Heroic Warriors
Netossa Representing POP's Great Rebellion
Jitsu Representing MOTU's Evil Warriors
Fang Man Representing Filmation and MOTU's Evil Warriors
The Fighting Foemen 3 pack Representing Other 80s stuff AND Possibly The Powers of Grayskull
King He-Man representing the Heroes on the He-Ro: Son of He-Man new faction...
Snake Face Representing MOTU's Snake Men
Octavia Representing Filmation and POP's Evil Horde
Karatti, Representing New Adventures' Space Mutants
Clamp Champ Representing MOTU's Heroic Warriors
Geldor Representing MOTU's Mini Comics Other Villains
This is so far the most diverse MOTUC Line-up we've had! NOW THAT IS AWESOME!!
And there's a HUGE Possibility of a MOTUC Castle Grayskull, assuming that they get the Quota of Pre-Orders needed for it to happen...

Castle Grayskull, THE ULTIMATE CARROT in MOTUC is practically within our grasp! Hopefully the details at New York Comic Con will not Disappoint... Sure, I set my bar too high with my Imaginary Grayskull (that wouldn't fit on my Actual shelves...)

Hopefully this will be the Booster shot that the line needs to kick some more butt, at least until I get Glimmer...

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  1. next year is going to be awesome. i'm not even bothered by another space mutant using the trap-jaw legs. they just have to avoid reversed parts & the line will continue.