Dec 20, 2012

Looking at the 30th Anniversary Figures.

Going on a written pseudo- review this time... Swift, easy and my voice is a little hoarse now...

I said HOARSE... not HORSE!
I'm giving one LAST LOOK at the 30th anniversary line... I know I kinda made one already, but that was before I had all the figures.
This is a bit too unfair... Then again it would still be unfair if it was everyone vs Castle Grayskullman!
So let's Start with The 80s Create a Character Winner: the Fearless Photog. It sounds like a Review, but this is not a review. The reviews are going to be linked throughout this post... so remember to open the links in a new tab...
These two make a perfect team: The Peeping Toms

Eternia's Paparazzi have nothing on Photoneck
Nathan Bitner's creation is a bit Bizarre... He's a dude with a camera head that weakens his enemies and traps them on the TV on his chest... Reality shows before Reality shows... I'm glad to have gotten him on Cyber Monday! Even if it's just to make Peeping Tom jokes.

Next on our list is a guy... well he is not a guy... He's a Homo Draconicus... and

That was a bit harsh!
Even his name sounds like a Mega Man character!
To be Honest, I wasn't looking forward to this guy at first. to me he kinda looked like one of those knock-off lines from the 80s. The Four Horsemen did their magic and once I got him in hand, it all changed... He improved even more when the Weapons pack gave him his missing accessories! I LOVE Draego-Man even if he's a Doucehbag...

Next comes one figure that I've talked a LOT about... Scott Neitlich's creation, The Mighty Spector.
I can't have him with that Deadpool mask!!
I guess I can say I have a love/hate relationship with the character. A few Tweaks here and there make him a bit more bearable... 
He can get Twinkies whenever he wants... Sneaky bastard!
Mainly, eliminating the Deadpool mask... Cause Chimichangas and Bea Arthur do not exist on Eternia! Seriously though, his Facelessness  and Modern Earth Sci-fi Spy look makes him feel a bit out of place with the rest of MOTU... He'd fit better in Primus with the New Adventures folks though. Seriously though, I've abused the comedic potential with this guy...

Now here comes a character that I LOATHE...
I still dislike SLL even if I was objective in the Review.
Sir-Laser-Lot, Geoff Johns' creation, who I'm not a fan of. Man-E-Faces Shoulders and Trap Jaw Biceps would have made him a bit more appealing for me. I'm not going to lie, his mace is cool! If it wasn't for Cyber Monday he would have never "graced" my shelf.

I can't be the only one who thought of this pair like this!

Also the superman-esque color scheme and the Hasbro Toy face are major turnoffs for me with this character! Need to make a Cobra commander pic with him soon...

Next comes a guy who males Cutman not look ridiculous... and Sir-Loser-Lot look cool!

It's Mr.Microman-wannabe! Speaking of Microman

All we need now is blonde monkeys!

As you can see I'm not that fond of Cy-Chop either... It's mostly due to the uselessness of Cy-Chop outside
of his Theoretical action feature (spring loaded "shears") aside from that, he's not that great... I still haven't even put him with the Horde's temporary display until  Granamyr arrives, then they'll have to migrate somewhere else.

But now here comes the bookend to the 30th. A figure that, like Photog, I've beaten their only joke to the death... Well, Castle Grayskullman has a second joke, but it would be in poor taste if I post awkward moment pictures of CGM, King Grayskull and Skeletor whenever the latter rambles about wanting to be inside Grayskull... SO, Here we go with another Grayskullmania reference!

I am a real Eternian! Fight for the rights of every man!
That's all the figures of the 30th Anniversary line...
I love Draego and Castle Grayskullman. I Like Photog and Spector... So my loathing is saved for Sir-Loser Laser-Lot and Cy-Suck Chop!

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