Dec 1, 2012

It Came From the Toy Chest: No wonder Shredder lost all the time!

was going to make these next two reviews as individuals, but you can't split Rocksteady and Bebop.

This one I DID Have as a kid!
What can I say about these two buffoons? They're the 2 top underlings of 80s Shredder and two of the earliest bad guys in the line. They were exclusive  to the 80s cartoon and they don't show up on the TMNT game that was "25 years" in the Making...
My Friend Leo had this one... but lacked Rocksteady.
 Now I rectified a mistake from my childhood and got myself a Bebop... I wish I could find a Shredder... I got me a Rocksteady too cause Rocksteady and Bebop go well together like Peanut Butter and Chocolate.
Bebop's gear... a lot less than the Toitles...
 So, let's take a look at them!
Obviously they all have their distinct buck with no shared parts... Only the Turtles get to share parts and that's on their default looks. This line is made mostly of new sculpts... THERE IS SOME Parts that are shared, but like I said before, it's mostly on the Turtles and the occasional accessory.

Melee weapon, gun and makeshift shield... both of them have the same things!
 I'd like to point out that most non-Turtle characters don't get that many accessories, as you can see with Rocksteady and Bebop.

I keep forgetting the insane amount of detail that these figures have!
These guys have a LOT of detail going on... Especially Bebop. he has a leg brace, bunch of stitches on his pants. His jacket is frayed at the edges and his Shoulderpads have turtle bones dangling from them. While Rocksteady doesn't have as much details as Bebop, his body has some wrinkles and bumps reminiscent of a Rhino's skin.
**** You! Tokka and Rhazar! Also the 2012 mutants the dog and the fish dude...
Rocksteady and Bebop is where it's at!
I guess I should just rate them now... I must remind everyone that these are 80s toys, so technically their score will be rather low if compared to a modern era figure such as Marvel Legends, or MOTU Classics.

He has 7 points of articulation and his neck articulation is severely limited.
Bebop:Like Rocksteady he has 7 points of Articulation. The neck articulation is not limited, but the way his head is positioned his head looks weird when turned.
80s score: 4.5 for Rocksteady 5.0 for Bebop
2012 Score: 1.5 for Rocksteady 2.0 for Bebop
Paint and Sculpt:
Like I said earlier, Rocksteady is less detailed in sculpt than Bebop. but he's got some nice detials on him that make him pop! He's pretty much sculpted in the appropriate colors and has minimal paint applications. That translates into clean lines and no paint mess. His left Eye is a bit sloppy, but it's noticeable if I look at it up close.
Bebop has a LOT of details in his sculpt that are almost unnoticeable due to his minimalist paintjob. Sadly, Paintwise Bebop is not that great. Most of the issues are on his face. I like the idea of having the pinkish tones from his snout slowly fading into the brown of his body, but the way the paint is applied kinda looks like Bebop over-powdered his nose! There is also a bit of slop around the edges of all the areas where he has a chain.
80s score: 5.0 for Rocksteady 4.5 for Bebop
2012 Score: 3.0 for Rocksteady 2.5 for Bebop
Here I don't have to separate them since they have the same type and amount of accessories.
A blade for Close Quarters combat, a Gun for Long range and a makeshift shield to defend. Sure it's a LOT less than the Turtles but normally non-turtle characters don't get as many accessories.
80s score:  4.5
2012 Score: 1.5

Rocksteady AND Bebop make a nice set for old-school TMNT fans. Sure they are not as articulated as modern figures, but I'd rather have them than the Fish guy and Dog guy from the new toyline, cause Nostalgia... and I wish we could get updated versions of Rocksteady and Bebop...
I'd say that Rocksteady gets an 80s 4.67 vs a 2012 2.0
Bebop gets an 80s 4.67 vs a 2012 2.0

 Like I said before, the 2012 scores are a bit low because I'm comparing them to the normal standards of a 2012 figure.
Recreating this was the best part of having Rocksteady and Bebop (and April) as a kid!
April is tied with Cooking Twine, just like I remember...

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