Dec 22, 2012

Heh heh! The Mayans were wrong...

Another day, another bullet dodged... We survived the last big "End of the World" scare.

I survived The Thundarr Apocalypse, Judgement Day, Hercolubus, The KY Scare... I mean the Y2J  Y2K scare. I was left behind on 2 allegedly fake Raptures... Now I can add Mayan Apocalypse to this list... I suppose that this would be the time to celebrate... Saturday and then the Sunday that comes afterwards!

Speaking of Hercolubus... Look what I found!

That's a piece of the Hercolubus II: El Exodo by Joseph Lando... The guy from El Poder de Shakti...

This guy...
but even better here's THIS!

The Aliens are hacking Youtube and vandalizing the video! In any case we Survived! We can laugh at these failed prophesies... also the weird ass harness that Joseph Lando is wearing.

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