Jul 13, 2018

It came from the toy chest: You weak Pathetic Fool!

Friday the 13th, what a perf3ct day to Mortal Kombat... like the SNES port of MK3, my Shao Kahn Is coming out of the Toy Chest on Friday the 13th.

Shao Kahn, evil ruler of Outworld and final boss of many Mortal Kombat games. He's trying to conquer Earth and those pesky Kombatants get in the way.
He also thinks that you suck!

Careful! He's expensive and min popped of a leg when messing around with him. I was going for an Al Bundy pose on the throne when his right leg popped off.
He can pull off most of his in game poses, but some require a stand, not included.
4.5 (leg popping off is annoying)

Paint and sculpt 
He looks like Shao Kahn there is no denying that. There is no visible slop or paint mishaps in mine. There are paint washes and airbrushing of accents on the figure to make him pop. I do have a tiny issue with the shoulderpads knocking off the helmet.
Mwahahahahahaha! You will never win!

That is not your throne!!
Extra head
War hammer
Extra hands (8)
 The hammer is heavy and his hands are soft... do the math...
3 against one? Doesn't seem fair... Wait till Goro shows up!

Shao Kahn gets a 4.83 as his final score. The biggest culprit is the leg popping issue when posing... and to a much smaller extent the weak hands and heavy hammer.
Buut it's outstanding to see a non-ninja Kombatant. Now that Goro is coming and I may need to sell my soul for Ermac... Here's hoping for Johnny Cage!!

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