Jul 26, 2018

Holy ass crackers there's a Black Buffy Reboot

And it's delightfully evil...
Hell, even Scam Artist Feminist Media Critic... Yes, you know Thousand pounds of makeup, plaid shirts, hoop earrings, Everything is Sexist, everything is racist, everything is homophobic and you have to point it all out is having a bout of NEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRDD RAAAAAAAAGGGGGEEEEE!!!

It's really odd for me and her being on the same side... This is like Skeletor and He-Man teaming up against a common foe.
But seriously, wasn't she one of the people mocking the nerd rage others have had in the past when changes like this happened? Now because it's something SHE LIKES it can't be touched?

This is how this conversation is going:

Me: I don't like the idea of rebooting Buffy. Period.

Tumblr: You just racist. You hate that she's black now!

Me: No, she could be white, Asian, Latina, or any other ethnicity and I would complain just the same. I don't want ANY REBOOT AT ALL!! NO REBOOTO AL BUFFYO!

Tumblr: You Racist Bastard!

Oh yeah, people are complaining that Joss Whedon, Creator of Buffy is involved with this...
Something something adulterer and sexual harasser... SOOOOOO then y'all should be complaining that this reboot is being done at all, since it gives him money!

Race and genderbending have become the new ...IN SPACE!!
Here's hoping for the Asian Brady Bunch reboot... and where's my Saved By the Bell gritty reboot?

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