Jul 30, 2018

It came from the Toy Chest: He's elastic, she can fade from sight...

Waiting for the one who loves to fight to call the four... fantastic four!
Mr. Fantastic, his body is stretchy and pliable and can give his limbs any shape or size he can think of...

And don't you try to deny it, but you have thought about it THAT WAY TOO!

Now Susan Storm can become invisible create some invisible constructs with rudimentary shapes... So yes, theoretically speakingnshe wouldn't need no man... she just loves Reed... and Mr. Fantastic.

But, on an outer space adventure, they got hit by cosmic rays. And the four would change forever in some most fantastic ways. No need to fear, they're here... why do I end up quoting the Fantastic Four 90s cartoon song?

Well, when with Disney...
Sue: I think they got the reference
Reed: Oh I know. I was just admiring the
way your uniform
,makes your buttocks look.
Sue: Yay Disney!!
Reed has normal male articulation sans boot cut. The same thing applies to Sue but in the Female buck...
I dislike how limited their leg articulation is. Some dramatic poses can't be managed because of how uncooperative their legs are. Between range limitation and ridiculously tight joints that feel like they might break. (especially on Reed)
Sue: 4.5
Reed: 4.0

paint and sculpt:
Here they fare a lot better since the f4 outfits have no "real details" they can get away with the normal bucks.
Buuut Reed has a new torso with slightly loose clothing. So tempted to buy another and a China Wars Peter Parker head to mod with some greenstuff and make a Johnny, flamed off... or even a Bombastic Bagman. My only gripe with Sue is that she has no alternate fully visible arm.
Sue: 4.5
Reed 4.5

I have your Remote, Galactus...
Don't make me put your TV on Disney jr.

Sue has an extra hand and HERBIE the Robot.
Reed has The Ultimate Nullifier and stretchy arms.
I know... Walgreens exclusives... they can't have that much new stuff, especially when Sue comes with freaking Herbie... I really wish she had an alternative fully visible arm. It would've been fun to see other stretched out arms for Reed Like the Mallet Fist
Sue:4.5Reed: 4.5

I need a Ben Grimm...
Hurry up, Walgreen's!!
Torch: so this bucket of bolts replaced
Reed: it was my idea. If I didn't, we'd been the
Fantastic Three.
Torch: with no Ben we still are...
Sue: he has a point there, Reed.
Reed: that's why HERBIE is the new Ben.
Marvel's First Husband and Wife are awesome figures, but Sue (4.5)is a smidge better than Reed(4.33). So far these two are THE BEST representations of the First Family in recent toy history. They do have some tiny nitpicks, but it's awesome to see them back in toy form... A New Doom Hasbro, nudge nudge, wink wink... or maybe Revoltech could do a MVC style Doctor Doom...

If Marvel Select would reissue UATU... That would be great...

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