Mar 22, 2010

It came from the Toy Chest: I can haz teh powaa 2

Cringer became the mighty Battle Cat and I became He-Man: The Most Powerful man in the Universe!!!

Prince Adam's Fearless friend boosted with The power of Grayskull is here!! Another of Masters of the Universe Classics Toys. The mighty Battlecat is here to be reviewed.
His packaging is similar to the traditional MOTUC Package, only that Battlecat's is resealable and larger .

Now that the Beast is free, you can see that he is similar to the Vintage Battle Cat toy from the 80s line. This is because the Masters of The Universe Classics line is about updating the entire MOTU uh... universes (Vintage He-Man and the MOTU, She-Ra: Princess of Power, The New adventures of He-Man, AND the 2002 Reimagining of MOTU) while being inspired by the original look of the first MOTU line.

Now unto the review part: In a scale of one to five, uno a cinco... 1 = waste of plastic not even worth for a Happy meal toy. 5 = Most amazing toy in the entire UNIVERSE!!! universe!!! niverse!! verse!! erse!! se!!

Here you can see Battle Cat nekkid without his accessories.

Articulation: He's got WAY more Articulation than the Vintage BattleCat who had ZERO points of Articulation. He's got more Articulation than the 200X Battle Cat that has: 6! Six points of Articulation!! MOTUC Battle Cat has 28!!! Yes, 28 Points of Articulation!! You can do a lot of stuff with that kitty! (Almost any cat pose can be pulled off by BC) 4.5

Paint/Sculpt: The 4 Horsemen outdid themselves here. They've made a modern toy looking like the vintage 80s Battle Cat. The fur sculpt looks fantastic on Battle Cat.(Hopefully if they release Skeletor's riding kitteh, Panthor Mattel will not flock the cat and hide it's sculpt.) The paint is minimal (since Mattel is very stingy on paint apps.) but it works. Most of the shading techniques are used on the Armor/Saddle. It makes the textures on it pop out. 4.5

Accessories: Here we have his armor (which is removeable) and that's about it. He does not have the Claw guards or the Laser guns of the 200X Battlecat (That I removed from mine so he looked more like Vintage.) I love the "Triceratops" Mask on Battle Cat (because it looks better than the Sabretooth Tiger hockey Mask of 200X).

Overall, Battle Cat gets a: 4.7

MOTUC BC makes 200X BC look like a shrimpy cat.

He-Man and Battle Cat. They go together like Peanut Butter and Chocolate... Mmmmm! Reese's Peaut Butter cups...

Random MOTU Facts: Panthor was a reuse of Battle Cat who was a reuse of the Big Jim Tiger, which was a reuse of the Tarzan Panther. full Circle. (Now if Mattel makes a Big Jim Classics they might reuse the MOTUC Battle Cat.)

Zoar the Falcon and Screeech (3 e's not to be confused with Dustin Diamond) were reuses of a big Jim Eagle/Falcon. The MOTUC Zoar and Screeech (The come with Teela and Evil Lyn respectively) are reuses of DCUC Beast Boy's Falcon form (The Falcon was reused on the Wonder Twins as Jayna's form of Eagle)

Trap Jaw was inspired by a Big Jim Villain (Iron Claw).

Until Next time.

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