Mar 23, 2010

Hey What the!? Man arrested for breaking IN to prison.

Uh... isn't it supposed to be the other way around?
Dude was accused of href=""manslaughter. made a plea baragin and then breaks IN to prison. Why? He was afraid of retaliation from the victim's family. Holy Crap!!
Breaking INTO jail... sounds comic book like... Cue the Watchemn clip... *ahem* Cue the Watchmen clip... No Watchmen clip? aww!

I'm usually against scalpers, but these guys...
Scalping You're doing it wrong.
I just wanted to use the demotivational wording... They only stole the baby formula to resell and spend their earnings in gambling, drugs, and living expenses. Modern day Robin Hoods, but with drugs and gambling... Formula is a tad expensive... So they kinda did a good deed amongst all the wrongdoing? I have no Idea if one right can cancel that many wrongs.

Tell me that at least I can get a Robin Hood clip... even if it's Men in Tights... No? Dang Flabbit!

This almost sounds like it was straight from a Scorsese film
So a girl gets hitmen to whack dad? He was Despotic?

That's not right... Using that clip makes it sound that Italians are mobsters. They are not. There are Mobsters that are Italians... You get the point. They also are not Plumbers that eat Mushrooms and stomp Turtles...

stop it with the Italian Stereotypes...

Now you go video crazy... oh sweet niblets! I gotta' get some better assistants.

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