Mar 16, 2010

Twilight related stuff.

I want to stop writing about Twilight. I really do but, there's so much Twi-crap going on that I must comment on it.
Remember that Epic Fai... I mean Breaking Dawn was meant to be 2 movies and 3D.
Well Now they're looking for Directors.
I pity the foo who is chosen.
The top three choices are:
Gus Van Sant (Milk)
Sofia Coppola (Lost in Translation)
Bill Condon (Dreamgirls)

I just want to see the birth of the Demon Spawn NESSIE in 3-d...
Wave 2 of the New Moon action figures by NECA are out.
I don't like the NECA Twilight Figures for the same reason I hate their Harry Potter figures... LACK OF ARTICULATION! (and that the only NECA lines I like are a pain in the Neck to find... Street Fighter and TMNT)

Well here they are: There's Another Edward (This reeks of Smashblade He-man syndrome from 200X) There's a nearly naked Sharkboy... I mean Jacob Black, there's some girly dude (I know it's Jasper) and SPARKLY EDWARD VARIANT!!! YAY!!
Wave 2 is a Twi-sausagefest. (wave 1 had Edward, Bella, Jacob with some clothes on and Alice.) I'd buy these figs if they had some Articulation on their legs.I wanted an Edward and Bella recreate this:

But the lame Articulation doesn't let me!!!
Speaking of lame and Twilight (both of them seem to go together so well kinda like Peanut Butter and Chocolate)

Do not click on that link unless you want your brains to be melted into a pulp. It contains Twilight: The graphic novel... (more like Twilight: the Manga, but... it's another Twilight Rehash...) Waiting for Breaking dawn's GN to read Renesmee's Birth.

All this twilight crap is making me want to drink... But I need something strong enough to make me forget Twilight...

IT comes in Whiskey and XXX Rum varieties too... I really want to get a bottle of this... Just for the label. I wonder if Mattel know of this little secret. PRoduct actually exists and it's from India... (There must be a lot of He-Fans there...)

Drinks, Musicals, What's next?

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