Mar 28, 2010

Odds and ends: March 28th-29th 2010 Edition

MacGyver is dissappointed with this guy.
Ok so here's the story:
Dude breaks in to a business and steals stuff while wearing duct tpae on his shoes. Story lacks a lot of details, but he was caught. My uneducated guess is that the guy was wearing the duct tape in an attempt to cover up his tracks.
Reasons why Mac would be dissappointed:
-Failing to pull off a MacGyver.
-Using Mac's favorite tool for evil.

Oh my God! There IS a Twilight Videogame!!! For Wii and DS... It's a scene it? game... It's made by KONAMI... Yes Konami as in
CastleVania, Metal Gear,Yu-Gi-Oh! videogames, etc.
WHY!? I know that it'll sell being Twilight and all that, but on the good side it's a Scene It? game... It's not like it's a TRUE TWILIGHT GAME... If such a thing existed I'd wish I could play as Mr. Sparkly. I'd have a lot of fun failing certain stages... Most of them would be the ones where Edward would have to protect Bella.

What The Hell!? That's Captain America!? Johnny Freaking Storm is going to play Captain America!? If the rumors are true that 20th Century Fox is rebooting F4, then it's ok. I mena He's no Cap, but he might be better than some of the other names that were floating around like... Channing Tatum... We dodged that bullet...

Happy Birthday Xena!!
Yes Lucy Lawless,aka Xena:Warrior Princess is 42... Wow... I can still hear her ululating battle cry in my head.
Other People who grow older today:
Mad-Eye Moody Brendan Gleeson is now 55.
Christopher Lambert is 53...
He was the Highlander, Tarzan AND fought some dumb ninjas waitaminute... He's fought dumb Ninjas a couple of times...


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