Mar 17, 2010

odds and ends March 17 2010

Crap! It seems that Neil Patrick Harris IS NOT Gargamel.
Apu is going to voice Gargamel. Wait what? VOICE GARGAMEL? So is the movie 100% CGI or is it CG + Live Action... I don't mind Hank Azaria. He's a great VA, but there is something here that reeks.
The movie will take place in New York City’s Central Park and is set to begin production next month.

There we go... That's the part that reeks.

Spider-Man reboot, Spider-Man reboot, was supposed to be directed by the one who beated Avatar.
Funny. A Looooooong Time Ago James Cameron was supposed to direct Spider-Man. She passed on Spidey. The task of Directing Spidey lies on Marc Webb... heh heh Webb... (500 Days of Summer). Guess who is going to give some advice to Mr. Webb... James Cameron (The guy is trying to push for a 3-d Spidey... HECK YEAH!!)
BTW: It is rumored that either Zac Effron or Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson) is playing Spidey. Well if Percy Jackson is Spidey I hope that Emily Osment is Gwen Stacy.

Well the casting of Peter Parker is going to be one crazy ride. There is one Brit that was rumored to be Peter/Spidey.
It's not the one that posed nude with a Horse so people would stop calling him Potter.
Yes, the Shimering Pedo-stalker himself WANTS to play Peter Parker/Spider-Man. He could do a nice job, BUT I do not need another reason for the twit... Twihards invading ComicCon.

Miley wants to kill Hannah. She's tired of the pink, frills, Sparkles, and wants to break free from her Disney Overlords. That's cool and all but Breaking away from the Hannah will be hard. Urkel haunts Jaleel White to this day. Screech haunts Dustin Diamond. Breaking away from Hannah will be tough on Miley. I don't see her as doing an Elizabeth Berkley and making a movie like Showgirls (Which harmed Ms. Berkely more than being Jessie from Saved by the Bell.) Maybe she'll do a Macauly Culkin and play one psycho SoB. (Killer Miley... Now that would be awesome!)
She ain't doing the country thing. There goes my dream fo hearing a Miley-fied Achy Breaky Heart.
"It scares me, that's why. It feels contrived on so many levels. Unless you're wearing a cowboy hat and cowboy boots and singing and whining about your girlfriend or boyfriend leaving you it's not going to sell. I think that's why my dad finally got out of it. You have to wear those cowboy boots and be sweet as pie. It makes me nervous, the politics of it all."
Why she ain't doing the Country thing.

I'm pretty sure that Captain Jack Sparrow never had this problem.

These Pirates thought that they were going to get some booty... WRONG!!
They tried to attack a Dutch Warship...
Shiver me timbers! They were Lucky that the Dutch didn't send them to Davy Jones' Locker!

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