Feb 18, 2012

It Came from the Toy Chest: Not Full-Version-Man

As you may have guessed... or not! Demo-Man has arrived!
Demo-Man? Who is this Demo-Man? Well for everyone who is not following MOTUC Closely, here's a quick view on Demo-Man!

OK, Demo-Man is the Concept Villain created by Mark Taylor for this Toyline for boys called Fighting Foe Men. The toyline went through some changes and the Concept Hero was changed into what we know today as:

Demo-Man became Skeletor... Or that's how the history of Demo-Man goes.

But in a Parallel Universe, THESE are our He-Man and Skeletor!

Now in the MOTUC canon, Demo-Man is pretty much a "spirit" that was Merged with the dying Keldor... Taking some cues from the 2002 Origin of Skeletor.

Basically, The Bio Writing Team pulled a Ghost Rider on Keldor... Hopefully this won't bring a "Keldor's redemption" angle to the storyline.

Now let's
look at Skeletor and Beastman's "Father"... No, they have no biological relations, but look at "Demo-Man" and tell me that you can't see the Beastman elements on him...
Mandatory picture mimicking the Original Sketch... I did it with Vikor, so I HAD to do it with Demo-Man...

Well, that's the concept art that gave us Demo-Man and it evolved into Skeletor...
Now let's look at the toy... He's Green, I'd say Almost Anti-Freeze Green... If I could describe his color with a Celebrity, I'd say his Green is a Gilbert Gottfried. Now moving beyond the green...
He gives off some sort of aura... The beard, the little bone and the somewhat skull face coupled with his badass cutlass remind me of something...

So, What does Mr. Demo-Man bring to the table... Aside his head...
Alright, He's got a really cool Armor piece that could work on an Army Builder set... Like the Snakemen Army Builder set.
He's got a ratty shirt that covers his entire torso... I wonder what it would look like on Preternia He-Man...
He's got a brand new ratty loincloth... Super soft and super short.
Obviously his cool cutlass, a morning star/flail... I think the spike ball is reused on Sir-Laser-Lot...
The calves might be the ones used on The Fearless Photog. The feet are brand new... Here's a Hint Mattel: 200X Skeletor with Demo-Man feet!
The arms seem new. The spiked bracers are obviously new... (They're a separate piece to the arm...)
The Spiked Arm Armor on his right bicep is new
The hands are new.
The Extra Mini Comic Skeletor head is new.
(I can almost hear the bean-counters at Mattel crying right now...)
Alright, with that said I think we should move to the ratings part: 1 = teh crap and 5 = teh awesome!

Something doesn't add up...
Keldor + Demo-Man = Skeletor?

Demo-Man has Pretty much the standard articulation minus 2 points on the legs. Like Beastman or Stratos before him, having a bare leg costs him 2 Points of Articulation... At least his thighs can rotate unlike 4 Female Figures (3 that I don't own yet and Battleground Teela)

Paint and Sculpt:
Well, the sculpt as you can see is pretty much the basic buck with a few new pieces. Those new pieces bring this sculpt to life. Curiously enough I thought that his body would be the furry body like Beastman. (The tuft of hair on his back and the shading suggest some sort of hairiness to him...) Now Paintwise, there's a couple of issues.
Demo-Man's crotch is green but painted red. This causes some paint to rub off on his inner thighs. There's also some red or copper paint on his left thigh.
Now on his face they used a really dark green to accentuate the shading on him. Sadly, the contrast in colors is too much and it kinda looks like he has some weird War paint thing going on. Also his ears have an excess of this wash that makes him look a tad odd.

Demo-Man has his Cutlass, his Morning Star, the "Secret" Alfredo Alcala styled Skeletor head, The little Skull prop (That COULD be popped on his head if you'd like, but it looks silly without a lower jaw. The head does not sit right on the body.)
The only real drawback is that his Morning Star/Flail is a bit too heavy and his hands are too soft, so the flail decides WHERE it wants to go on it's own...

The D-Man gets an Overall of 3.67 as his score. The paint issues on my figure were the reasons why he lost some points. Now don't get me wrong, he's a cool figure, but I have no special place to put him. KG, He-Ro, Vikor, Even Wun-Dar have my Grayskull display of the Chamber of Power.
We know nothing about Demo-Man, which limits our display options. The Skeletor head is the True star of the show here...

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