Feb 3, 2012

Is he a Turtle, a Lion or a Talking arm? A Very special thanks to Cam Clarke from my Childhood and Beyond!

I haven't done a special rant about childhood heroes or idols from the 80s... Since the Playmates reveals of Turtley goodness I thought to start with the man behind the 80s Leonardo voice: Cam Clarke, also known as Jimmy Flinders.

Cam Clarke HAS been doing VA throughout the 80s and beyond. Before TMNT, he was Kaneda from Akira, Max Sterling from Robotech, Dirk Daring from G-Force.

Not the crappy guinea pig movie...
My first time hearing Cam Clarke was with TMNT... and he was also Rocksteady on the same show... Funny thing is that in the California Raisins show he plays a character named Beebop... (Both Bebop and Rocksteady are types of music... hmmm...)

He also was part of the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Cartoon playing Igor Smith and Tomacho... Holy crap! I can't believe it! He's EVERYWHERE!!

He Even WAS in Captain Planet... He played a guy named Ooze... heh! am I the only one who finds this funny? A guy who played a Ninja Turtle plays a guy named Ooze!!

He's also done plenty of voice work for Disney TV shows and movies... I'm going to refer to his work as Simba now... He was Simba's singing voice in The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

and Simba on the TV Show Timon and Pumba... (Eventually he'll return as Simba in Kingdom Hearts games...)
Eventually he ends up playing Mr. Fantastic in Spider-Man: The Animated Series (with Quinton Flynn as Human Torch and David Hayter is playing Captain America here... The relevance to this will be revealed soon if the La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo allow it! Forgot to Mention Jennifer Hale as Black Cat!)

Ah yeah! Xenogears... The Tale of Two Leonardos fighting for the love of the Referee from Guts!
Cam Clarke was Krelian here...

Now for the One role many videogamers ARE waiting for me to touch upon...

While Mr. Clarke did a lot of work between the two MGS games (Star Trek stuff, star Wars stuff, He was even Flounder in a Little Mermaid Sequel) everyone wants to talk about Liquid! I mean his performance was a bit hammy and over the top especially with that British accent, but that's WHY people love Liquid that much. I really wish I could have seen Cam Clarke's face when he first read the line "I Live on Through this arm!" There is no way that Cam Clark could top this off now... He was a member of G-Force, a Ninja Turtle, Simba, Mr. Fantastic, Freaking Liquid Snake! He'd need something like the Power of Grayskull to top off all this awesomeness...

Come on! If by now you weren't expecting the 2002 He-Man intro then you haven't been paying attention... I pretty much gave it away...
So let's recap: Cam Clarke has been all that stuff I mentioned AND He-Man too! Holy Crap!
Oh yeah! He was in one of the Steve Oedekerk Thumb movies... The Godthumb playing the Adopted Lawyer Son... I guess Thumb Hagen would be too obvious... The Talking arm is now a talking thumb... This is starting to get freaky man! Skip forward a few years and a lot of projects and we Land on Marvel Ultimate Alliance:
Here he is Thor... DareDevil and Weasel (Deadpool's hacker buddy) He even was Hercules in God of War II... (And Debi Mae West was Atropos... Eithere there aren't that many VAs or the Metal Gear Solid VAs are following each other... Another Tidbit Prometheus was played by Skeletor!! The Original one...)
He also shows up in Star Wars: The Old Republic... Let's see who else is in this...
David Hayter... So the Twin Snakes meet again, eh? Jennifer Hale!? Tasia Valenza!? Paul Eiding!? Quinton Flynn!? Phil LaMarr!? Peter Lurie!? Vanessa Marshall!? Holy ass-crackers this is starting to look like a Metal Gear Solid 1 &2 Reunion! Also Moira Quirk is in this game... (Xenogears) and not to mention Tara Strong (Drawn Together, Fairly Oddparents, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) OK I will not keep checking out this or I'm going to go into a VA overload!!

All I can say is WHOA! Cam Clarke, you rock!

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