Feb 17, 2012

Wait... I thought Ninja were Japanese...

It's been ages since I've been able to use the NINJAS tag... (I know it's NINJA, but I messed up with the tags...)
Well Iran is making an army of female Ninja... Wouldn't that be an army of Kunoichi?
Well in any case, Iran is making a Kunoichi Army...

While the Government is not officially doing this, it' still kinda creepy and badass at the same time... I mean it's 3,500 freaking Female Ninja!!

Wait a minute... Isn't Iran what was known as Persia?

Jake Gyllenhaal they're coming for you... No sands of time or Bear Grylls will save your moviestar butt...
Now to pad out this short rant with Ninja!!

and hopefully they will be GOOD Ninja and not evil Laughing Ninja!

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