May 8, 2018

It came from the Toy Chest: Disappointment, your name is Arthur Curry

And talking to fishes isn't cool. So I got a DC essentials Aquaman... he was one of the victims of the massive backlog.

Let's get cracking.
This figure has early 90s articulation and it sucks. He is barely able to stand up on his own and that stinks. I can't even put him in cool poses with the trident for cfying outloud.

Paint and sculpt 
Here the figure shines... he has shading on his legs and his orange armor hasan odd effect where it shimmers in orange with a hint of golden glimmer. The sculpt is really great. I wish he was either ML sized or MOTUC sizedjust to buy a third party cast of that head for customs.

Chained Trident...

Aquaman gets a 3.17, despite his abysmally bad articulation... which is unacceptable in 2018!

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