May 25, 2018

Yet anothwr Thundercats groan rant...

I night be going overboard with this, but it's either this or talking about Jared Leto's alleged pedophillia, brought to you by one of the Sprouse twins... I think it's Zack, not Cody. Or the accusations of Morgan Freeman: Sexual Harasser with the voice of a god.
Then again, I could comment on the sad passing of Margot Kidder, and Dean Stefan, writer for the 200X MOTU... but Thundercats is the  lowest hanging fruit.

This time, the rant will focus on the comedy direction and why it's wrong.

Let's look at Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go! As a reference.
First let's start with the Leader of the buncb, Robin:
He's a bit too serious, a bit demanding, prone to go on solo missions, due to his upbringing with Batman. His partial distrust on his teammates stems from Batman's paranoia. His desire to excel as a leader, stems from the fact that he was Batman's sidekick.

TTG has these same characteristics, but ramped up to an insane level.
He's neurotic to the point of caricature (can hear the uh duh's since TTG is a parody of TT) problem is that he spends 98% of his time screaming like a moron. He's power hungry, greedy, paranoid and whenever he has to do something to batman, he turns into a little bitch who is afraid of the God Damn Batman.

We could mention how Raven is forced to control her emotions on TT in order to not awaken tbe demon within. She seems to act like she simply doesn't care about things/people because she's  somewhat detached.

On TTG she simply doesn't care about mostly anything. Her demonic side is played for laughs and we get the Tara Strong voices Raven, so Raven is a Brony because Tara Strong is the main character of My Little Pony FIM. The point is that the characters are devolved to a point that they are mockeries of themselves.

Being self-aware doesn't make the show good.
But, if One were to reduce the chsracters to their defining trait ot would be like this:
Robin: neurotic boss
Starfire: dumb foreigner
Beast Boy: Slacker
Cyborg: Black token.

So, how does this lead into Thundercats?
Let's  reduce the cast into the most One-dimensional versions, shall we?
Lion-O: based on what littleshown, we know he's dumb as bricks and is likely going to be a man-child.
Tygra seems to be the straight man character and the butt of many jokes.
Panthro: Token black guy... if samoflange becomes his catchphrase, Fruity Pebbles deserves a thousand kicks in the dick.
Thunderkittens:ADHD kids.
Cheetara: Token female. Possibly OP because of third wave crap and probably hates the Patriarchy.
So, reducing characters to a one nite parody is doing a disservice t5i them. 

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