May 30, 2018

Top 11 Photo Ops that I want to assist to that aren't Mark Hamill

C'mon, Mark Hamill is the Holy Grail of cons... Luke Skywalker, The voice of The Joker, The Trickster, the Detective that turned into a roach zoanoid in Guyver... and Cock-Knocker.  I KNOW what you're thinking:
Stan Lee is the Holy Grail,noit LukeSkywalker...
Yes, but Stan is in frail health and asking him to go to cons when he should be at home with his friemds (or with Silent Bob, who offered his place to Stansit)
So here are the Top 11 people I'd like to add to my celeb pic collection... who aren't Mark Hamill.

11: Johnny Yong Bosch:
This one is a triple whammy. First is a Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger. Second, he's creepy esper Itsuki Koizumi... so Haruhi's SOS Brigade gets some loving... Last but not keast he's  the voice of Renton Thurston from Eureka Seven... and this is a bit petty of me, but I would get my E7 box set signed with a personal joke regardong the person who got me into the anime. But the pic with Black Ranger #2 (I'm a frog) would be priceless.

10: Jason David Frank:
How dare I mention Power Rangers and not him? The guy has becpme synonymous with the brand. There is not much to explain here. It's freaking Tommy Oliver.

9: Cole Sprouse:
Yes, Jughead from Archie's Creek... and Cidy Maryin from the Suite Life of Zack and Cody... you got me, it's all about Zack and Cody and to... wait a minute did everyone forget about big daddy? I'd wear a Scuba Steve T-shirt as an obscure reference... also I'd ask him if he's the evil twin.

8:Ralph Macchio:
Need I explain this? And obviously the pic would have to be in a Cobra Kai Skeleton outfit. Going as Miyagi can be considered racially insensitive. I mean, it's freaking Daniel LaRusso. (And this choice isn't as random as Mr. SUITE LIFE)

7: Stephen Amell:
I was hugged by Malcolm Merlyn and skipped a photo op with Black Canary 3 (don't mention the not ponying up cash for Diggle last year)... I have failed this city!

6:David Hasselhoff:
Baywatch, Knight Rider, Spongebob the movie and the Original Nick Fury! But mostly Knight Rider...

5: Paul Eiding:
This is mostly because of voice acting,  but it's not Grandpa Max Tennyson... if ypu follow the House of rants, then

This makes ALL THE SENSE

4:Jennifer Hale:
Before she was in cahoots with that plaid wearing scam artist... the one with the giant hoop earrings, she was Black Cat... also, she makes me tremble when speaking about anti-freezing peptides while using a faux British voice.

3: Christopher Daniel Barnes:

Which also happens to be Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid and Spidey in Marvel Superheroes!

2: David Hayter:

No, it's not a mistake... Paul Eiding is simply explaining WHY I want a pic with Hayter...

Well, now it's time for el numero uno... What Voice actor could encompass all what the House of Rants is all about... OK, not all of it, but a lot of what makes me rant:
Marvel, Videogames, Ninja Turtles, He-Man, etc.

1: Cam Clarke:

It was rather obvious that Cam Clarke, my favorite Male Voice Actor woild top the list... he has dabbked in pretty much EVERYTHING I LOVE TO RANT ABOUT!!

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