May 23, 2018

Superhero girls is being rebooted...

I have commented that I'm not that excited for that show's original take. Mostly because it's a DCU reskin of Monster High. Not to to mention that the show itself feels incredibly girly... yes, I KNOW THAT THE TARGWT AUDIENCE IS IN FACT,  LITTLE GIRLS. And that doesn't mean that the show has to be as cringy as MLP Gen 3.

Well, the reboot art reminded me of This:

And that's because Lauren Freaking Faust will be in charge of the New DC Superhero Girls.

While, yes, I prefer the previous version's art style; the fact that Faust is helming this is GREAT NEWS!!
Y'all KNOW that I love how Faust reinvigorated My Little Pony. Based on her work on MLP and SBFF, I believe she can do great with DC's SHG.

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