Mar 2, 2013

I got a little voicemail the receptionist got scared and said you're moving with your auntie and uncle in BelAir

Wait, WHaT? The Fresh Prince theme caused a massive lockdown on Pennsylvania. Cause some kid had a voicemail with the lyrics: "shooting some b-ball" outside of school" when a receptionist called for an appointment she thought that it was something else and caused the massive lockdown on Beaver, Pa.'s schools... Probably she misheard it as shooting some (expletive, possibly the infamous N-Word that refers to black people, that if Samuel M'effin' Jackson asks me to say it, I'll be forced to say it...) outside of school...

I mean a WILL SMITH song being such a bad influence? The only way bad influence and Will Smith can be used in the same sentence involves his son Jaden and remakes of beloved 80s movies.

In order to cancel some of THAT stupidity, here's some awesomeness!

Cause Carlton Banks is THAT effin' awesome!

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