Mar 5, 2013

The Topangaborn has an older sibling!

Theo Halm has joined the Girl Meets World cast... The show's production starts this month and later this year, hopefully we'll have a greay show in our hands! Also I hope he's not an "Eric Matthews: Later seasons version"

In any case it's becoming a reality... More TOPANGA!! More Cory... and again, I hope the show doesn't get Disneyfied...

The controversial Venezuelan Leader, Hugo Chavez has passed away... His Mentor, Castro Outlived him... Is Fidel Castro Immortal?

Geena Davis can be added to the list of butt-hurt people with Seth MacFarlane's song... So... there it is... Seth MacFarlane did make these Academy Awards pretty popular.

This is almost like the craziest thing I've heard in a while. A Fake Bishop almost infiltrated a Papale election meeting at the Vatican. That's crazy awesome... He just wore clothing items similar enough to actual bishop clothing. He only got caught because the costume wasn't 100% accurate. This is Ridiculous... Almost Cartoon level of ridiculousness!

Justin Bieber is the new Axl Rose... No, really! Pissing fans off and showing up late... all he needs is to release some disappointing music...

Cause Screw you Bieber!

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