Mar 2, 2013

Teenage Alien Invader Ninja Turtles delayed... and other stuff!

Apparently the TAINT are afraid of Gojira! I don't blame them... I mean this movie has all the ingredients to become a POS so bad that It could Make Dragon Freaking Ball Evolution and Street Fighter: the Legend of Lana Lang be awesome.

So in order to celebrate here's a list of Characters that I'd like to see in the extremely Entertaining TMNT cartoon from Nickelodeon that are NOT Rocksteady and Bebop... Cause those are a given... I'm still mad that they made "Chuck Norris" into Dogpound. I mean, they had a "CHUCK NORRIS" that was evil and they turned him into a DOG!! OK so here's the list of folks I'd like to see that are not Rocksteady and Bebop:

Miyamoto Usagi (From Usagi Yojimbo) while not a TMNT character per se. Usagi HAS done a few Crossovers with the TMNT. He WAS on both 1980s and 2002 toylines.

Fly Baxter Stockman... Even if they use a different character, I just want the humanoid Fly!

PizzaFace... I mean come on! It's like a Pirate Pizza chef... The dude is apparently half-Man, half-Pizza... Most disturbing enemy especially for Mikey!

The following 4 is just a crazy idea: Kinda like the 80s toon did with the frogs, but with 4 EVIL Turtles:
Slash, Venus, Tokka, and Hun (mutated Turtles Forever look)

Mutagen Man would be a nice character as well

Chrome Dome, Dirtbag and Groundchuck would be 3 evil characters full of cool!

All of this is more interesting that watching TAINT!

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