Mar 13, 2013

Miley and Thor's Little Brother may be over... AGAIN!!

I miss the times when I ranted about Miley Cyrus... That was the BP Era... Before Ponies... but, it looks like the Wig Wearer is trying to make a comeback at the House of Rants!

According to the New York Post, It's OVER for Miley and Liam... But, it's been over before, so that's nothing new here... I think that Miley's party-girl personality is a bit too much for Liam... and the alleged Liam cheating on Miley with January Jones... the Real Victim here is Billy Ray Cyrus...

A victim of hairstyles and his little girl...

Speaking of victims, Star Wars: The Clone Wars is getting the ax...

One Direction has gotten a brand new act: Brown Nosing... Seriously, they're kissing Bieber's ass and asking the press to lay off him..

Demi Lovato is still alive... She got a Haircut!! Just Letting y'all know cause she vanished from the spotlight a long time ago and this made the news... This just in! Seth Green blinked!! Seriously? It's not even a "I shaved my head cause I'm crazy!" haircut!

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