Mar 17, 2013

Wizards of Waverly Place: Alex vs bad fanservice

Last Friday, Disney channel aired the Wizards of Waverly Place Reunion special called  Wizards of Waverly Place: Alex vs Alex. With most of the main cast returning (No David Henrie as Justin)

So, Let's recap the series Finale: Alex (played by former Bieber Girlfriend and alleged Anti-Miley, Selena Gomez) became the Family Wizard, Justin (who was totally robbed of being the Family Wizard... cause he's not THE main character) became the Headmaster of Wiz Tech... Max, well... He totally got the short end of the stick... No Power, no nothing... Just a case of Eric Matthewsitis...

Now unto the special itself... As Alex now has the Power, she uses it like she always had to please herself and squander her power... (like her uncle Kelbo) Her father, Jerry disapproves of Alex's selfish attitude regarding her powers and wants her to grow up. Justin is unable to come home for a family reunion. This message is delivered by our Villain (but we don't know that yet) Dominic. He later has a chat with Alex about using her Magic to make herself more like the grown-up her family wants her to be and gives her a Friendship Bracelet.

So, Alex pisses off her Werewolf boyfriend, Mason by turning the meal he painstakingly cooked for two hours into a bucket of wings... With her boyfriend and her family angry at her and her selfishness; she follows Domincs advice and splits herself into two: Good Alex and Satsui no Hadou  ni Mezameta Alex... who ends up trapped in a mirror until she escapes. Dominic takes Evil Alex to the Leaning Tower of Pisa... (Most of the Plot conveniently happens in "Italy" cause the Russo's are preparing for a Family Reunion in Italy.) Here Dominic has a Machine that can amplify any spell cast into it but he needs Good Alex to Cast it. So, Evil Alex starts capturing her Family inside the Friendship Bracelet... Alex is forced to cast a spell that will trap all the non-magical humans into beads. By doing this she is captured by the Booming voices that live in a Videogame-ish Crystal chamber. Dominic tricks the Crystal voices into believing that good Alex is evil so they incarcerate her on a traditional Dungeon.

Alex escapes thanks to Mason using his werewolf powers and fights the Evil Alex. (Fan service Alert: Slenea Gomez vs Pleather and Lycra wearing Selena Gomez also with a streak of white hair cause EVIL!!)
 In any case Alex gives up her powers to save humanity... again! (something that the Special keeps reminding everyone) and then the Crystal Voices give her her powers back... THE END

Here's the thing: THIS WAS UNNEEDED!! The series ended on a high note and didn't need a "reunion" special... I mean, the show ended about a year ago. They didn't have the full cast and the whole Evil Dominic and Italian Reunion were very unneeded... Like crappy filler to make it into an hour Special instead of the half hour episode it should have been.
It was too soon to do a reunion, but far too long after the series ended to make a bonus episode...

I have to say a 4.5 out of 10

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