Jan 28, 2011

It Came From The Toy Chest: Busting makes me feel good!

Who you gonna call?

No, but nice GB 2 Reference...
Well the cat is out of the bag... Or in this case the ghost is out of the trap...

It's the GB 2 inspired 4 pack Toys R Us Exclusive... Thanks to the Mattel Voucher it was a tad cheaper for me to get...
This is one of the few packages that I'd like to keep... Well as of mow my GBs are back in it until I get a shelf made for them... They still look good inside their package. Unlike other 2 Packs from Mattel that don't promote Mattycollector, this one does.
Once I got the busters out of the pack I noticed something... Part sharing... I'm OK with Part sharing on Comic book lines, or Masters of the Universe, because it's fantasy depicting 100% purely fictional people... (Except a certain Lt. Spector...) Now this GB line is based on the movies. and all 4 actors who played the GBs don't exactly share the same body type... At least Slimer doesn't share parts with the busters.

The only differences between them are the heads and that Venkman has a different lower leg sculpt. Other than that they're all the same in the sculpt department. Slimer is Translucent green... Hopefully not like The Goddess...

The Proton Packs are not removable. The trap can open and close. So far the only ghost they can hunt is Slimer.
Now for the review part: As always 1 is crap and 5 is awesome...
Articulation: The guys are very articulated.
20 PoA for Winston, Ray and Egon and 18 for Peter.
4.0 (Egon, Ray and Winston) 3.5 Peter
Paint and Sculpt: On the sculpting Mattel has made a revelation: the Four Horsemen didn't work as much on the line as we believed. (They revealed this AFTER the subscription, which I believe is a sneaky move.) In any case whoever did these figures did a good job on them.
The headsculpts capture the actors likeness pretty well. Venkman and Zeddemore resemble Bill Murray and Ernie Hudson... (For some Reason the Winston head has a mustache sculpted but unpainted... looks a bit off.) Satantz and Spengler also resemble Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis, but something feels off. with them.
Paintwise there is very little slop. Aside from a dark smudge on Ray's face everything looks fine.
Accessories: Can't count the Proton packs since they're fused to the bodies. There is the Trap. It can open and close. There is Slimer with his 6 PoA and stand. They have the Santa hats:
Figs Overall: 4.25 (Egon, Ray and Winston) 4.0 Peter
Whole package Overall: 3.75
The lack of accessories once again hurt the score. Come on No Proton Streams!? One Trap, no PKE Meter. Not even Ray's goggles!?
Then Again Mattel has been awful with accessories in the individual releases. Matty's GB1 Wintson had the Trap. GB1 Egon has the PKE Meter, GB1 Peter has THE Proton Stream... Mattel has no plans on releasing a GB accessory pack. Basically if you want proton streams you
HAD to buy 4 Venkmans. Ghosts? They're pack ins with the multiple variants of the GBs...
Oh yeah The only non-GB releases are Walter Peck and soon Louis Tully possessed by Vinz Clortho. No Gozer, no Vigo, Heck not even a Janosz Poha... Too many GBs and no Ghosts to bust might kill teh lien...

I went a bit on a small rant there... The pack is not bad... It's good, but not great... The pros that it has over the Matty individual releases are:
-Cheaper than Matty's GBs (counting shipping)
-All the guys are unslimed/marshmallowed, etc. (unlike Matty's GB that tricked you into buying slimed AND unslimed Egon and Peter... for having a variant)

-Even Less accessories
-They cheaped out on Winston

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