Jan 12, 2011

It came from the Toy chest Without Honey Nut Cheerios

Finally Buzz-Off has come to my hands... Where do I start with Buzz-Off?
I never liked the Vintage Buzz-Off as a kid... He looked bland and uninteresting... The balloon-like head and weird Vampire fangs never did it for me. He also couldn't hold his weapon correctly... Then came the 200X revival of He-Man...
Here Buzz-Off is more insectoid and Cool looking... Sure the toy had a few issues (couldn't stand unless you had it humping the air with a massive hip thrust, hair trigger Axe tip...)
Now we have the MOTUC Buzz-Off. Of course it was obvious that he was going to look a lot like his vintage counterpart. Maybe a 200X head with his vintage axe and 200X Halberd... Well we got ALL THAT except the 200X head... Remember the 200X head ban?
Funny story is that the 4 Horsemen DID make a 200X head... So Basically Mattel is saying Alpha Mike Foxtrot to the 200X heads... If you've seen the A-Team movie you'll get the message... If Not then Alpha Mike Foxtrot means: Adios Motherf-
Let's move on with the review...
As Always My reviews are 1-5 in which 1 = crap and 5 = Awesome.

Basic MOTUC Articulation although he has ball jointed wings and the tiny insect legs from 200X are ball jointed as well.

Sculpt and Paint:
This figure borrows a LOT from Whiplash. (Head, Lower Arms, hands and backpack are different from Whippy) SO no complaints on the sculpt. (Aside from the 200X head Ban, which I'm trying to ignore and Judge Buzz-Off for what he has, not on what he SHOULD have.) The wings are SUPER cool with the vintage technobits looking incredibly cool on the wings.
Paints on the other hand they're a bit sloppy. Dark globs of paint on his chin and the back of his head is not painted completely. also Who the Heck thought that his tiny insect legs should be YELLOW?

The Willy Wonka Helmet (That Actually fits on him without falling off... 26+ years to figure it out? Damn!) The Vintage Axe (that soon will belong to my Customized Wun-Dar) and the 200X Halberd are really cool... Ok, maybe not the Wonka Helmet... It's well made but it looks extremely dorky. I'm starting to tolerate the Vampire Liza Minnelli head a bit, but I would've preferred an alternate 200X head.
4.5 (ignoring the lack of a 200X head.)

Overall: 4.17
I am Pleasantly surprised with Buzz-Off. I was planning on going full-on 200X like repaint like I did with Whiplash. Heck I even bought some Model Magic to customize a hybrid head... (adding the little chin spikes on Buzzy) Funny thing is that I didn't and do not want to.

OK... I DID paint the tiny legs... They were bugging me a lot!

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