Jan 31, 2011

It Came from the Toy Chest: Don't you know who he is?

He won't be introduced unless it's with a video...
Now that you know who he is... Let's start with the Juggernaut... Bitch! review.

Well Here he is. You can see all the stuff he comes with. Most of these Fury files stuff is inside the Top secret envelope... It's kinda cute, but that leaves Juggy pretty much accessory-less... Notice the cool stand BTW... Reminds me of the 25thA GI JOE Stands.
I actually like the letter. It's a shame that they're using a generic hand written font, but the letter is kinda cool.
Now for the Review Part: 1 = crap 5 = awesome...
Articulation: Hookay! Let's begin... He's got about 22 PoA. Decent for a big bulky 3 3/4" figure. He can be posed in various poses even with the limitations of a super bulky body. 4.5
Paint and Sculpt: Juggy's got a decent sculpt. I believe he shares some pieces with Hulk. Can't be 100% sure since I don't have a Hulk. He has plenty of new pats. His bicep bands are new pieces attached to a traditional Bicep. The wrist and knuckle pads seem new. The helmet is full of detail. There are dents and scratches on the "metallic" parts of his suit. On the paint depratment, things are looking quite good.There is shading on his suit and his helmet has a metallic finish. There is no muscle shading on the parts that have exposed flesh. 4.5
Accessories: There's the Fury files and the stand. The Helmet is removable, but not in the way I expected. 3.0
Overall: 4.0 If his helmet was truly removable he would've gotten a better score. No removable Helmet, no weakness for Juggernaut...

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