Jan 22, 2011

SoundWave Superior Toy Chest Inferior

Wait what!?
Puny Fleshbag, this review shall be done by Soundwave...
Yeah, Whatever... I'll take the day off then...

I am the best Cybertronian toy out there... I am much cooler than those inferior loincloth wearing Barbarians that plague this website.

Whoa! Wait a minute! Once again... Stick to the basics Soundwave!

You are not the Boss of Me! Soundwave Superior...

Yeah, yeah! I know! "Soundwave Superior! Everything else Inferior!"

Using the guidelines from the flashbag. 1 = Inferior and 5 = Soundwave
I can Move and make many poses. Also I can transform into a car.
Inferior Humans may have troubles transforming me. If you find the third Boom Box Form then you are Superior like Soundwave

Paint and Sculpt: Again, I am Superior. No visible paintslop. I still resemble the Holy G1 Soundwave


Why are you laughing Fleshbag?
Accessories is the next section and you do not have any Ravage, Lazerbeak, Frenzy, or Rumble... So I guess here "Soundwave Inferior... Lame Barbarian Toys Superior..."

I still have my blaster and transform into 3 modes... That gives me enough to be Almost Superior... (4.33)

Sonofa... For a $10 Soundwave, you can be such a pain in the ass... You're even worse than Serpentor and Cobra Commander!

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