Jan 19, 2011

JAPANESE Openings for American stuff...

I just saw the Japanese Opening for GI Joe: A Real American Hero.
That made me think: "What else has Japan done to my American cartoons?" Pretty much the opposite of "What has America (Mostly 4Kids) done to this Anime!?"

This one has no animation, but the song is there... no change apparently. Whew!

The Second Intro is a LOT better than the first one and it's more X-Men-y than the first one... The first one feels more videogamey... and in Classic Japanese fashion, Random English words are mixed into the lyrics... CRY FOR THE MOON!

A narration... I learned to say Batman in Japanese... Battoman!

Tony Stark wasn't so lucky... He got a J-Pop song... but that's a lot better than:

Apparently, there are three options:
Songs switched with a weird/cool/crappy version... (I'm still feeling sorry for Rock the Dragon... Cha-La Head-Cha-La is a lot better...)
Adding narration to the normal intro/Translating it to the local langauge.
Screw the original opening... Let's make one that makes the show look like crap.

Basically the same crap we do to their anime...
I have to admit that it's a bit unsettling seeing Japan keep the Real American Hero tag, when pretty much the rest of the world shuns that part from the opening... Heck they even censor COBRA from the opening...
At least there is no Japanese He-Man Opening... There is a Chinese She-Ra opening though...

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