Jan 20, 2011

It came from the Toy Chest Death of Superman Edition

Superman died in the 90s. Big ass event to lure people into buying comics...
His "death" Spawned 4 Supermen.

Eradicator: A crazy AI from the Fortress of Solitude who became sentient and mimicked Kal-El
Superboy: A clone who can be described as the love-child of Supes and Luthor...
Cyborg Superman: A pastiche of the Fantastic 4 Origin gone wrong.
No... No... NO!!!!!
Put that thing away!!
Steel is the DC pastiche of Ironman, who is worshiped by Shaq...

I have Two out of 4 of the "supermen" who fought for the mantle...
I'll start with Superboy.

As Always 1 = crap and 5 = Awesome...
Not even out of the package and there's some trouble... Warped Leg. Nothing that a little hair dryer can't fix.
Articulation: Seems like the Standard DCUC Articulation on Superboy. No need to go into detail... 4.5
Paint and Sculpt: There's a couple of new things here... Sculptwise. Arms are new, boots as well. The Extra belt on his leg is a piece glued in The Belts on his waist are like the MOTUC Loincloth... Paintwise the figure is flawless. I don't see any signs of Slop on him... even if he has a lot of intricate details like the zippers on his jacket, or the buckles on his belts. 5.0
Accessories: Trigon's Arm, and a pin... 3.0
Overall: 4.17
Once again not having true character specific accessories hinders their score. I know I said that I'm beating a dead horse, but Mattel shouldn't be too stingy with the accessories. These figures are already overpriced for what they are...

Now for the second half of the Review: Mongul and Cyborg Superman Super Enemies two pack.
A picture is worth a 1000 words. Right now this package gets a 0.0 out of 5 I bought it because of Cyborg Superman... Now THIS HAPPENS!?
To be fair here's what I would've given it if it hadn't broken on me.
Articulation: Same as Syouperman and every other DCUC with a cape... 4.0 assuming his leg hadn't broken.
Sculpt & Paint: Holy crap! For a Superman reuse this guy has a LOT of NEW Parts!
Cape, Upper Torso, Right Upper Leg, Left leg, Right Arm, and head! The Paint job is really good... No visible slop, though the line that separates the silver from the blue in the torso is a bit hazy. 4.5
Accessories: Zilch! Nada! The big goose egg!
Overall: 4.25 IF his leg hadn't broken

Mongul: Don't care about the guy.
HE's got pretty much,new EVERYTHING.
Articulation: Similar to a standard DCUC. Left Ankle seems to be stuck... 3.5
Paint and Sculpt: He looks "Hyper-detailed" Lots of rivets, his suit looks like some sort of segmented Armor. Looks like a Reuse from the DCSH era... Paint is a bit sloppy on some of the rivets but other than that he looks OK. 4.5
Accessories: Nothing!!

Overall: 4

Package overall: 4.13 IF my Cyborg Superman's leg hadn't broken.
It's a nice pack, but not necessary if you already own the DCSH Cyborg Superman and Mongul.

I got to give a shout out to Mattel CS Rep. Jane for helping me out with my Cyborg Superman dilemma.

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