Feb 16, 2010

I want my Mullet Back.

The Mullet... This strange haircut has mesmerized people across the globe. Often ridiculed because it is a combination of opposites. Short in the front and long in the back. Even I had a mullet back in the day. Mullets are a staple in Pop Culture... Now the song that inspired the Article...

See, He's done other things besides Achy Breaky Heart and being a parent.

Now that we got the Musical Number out of the way let's discuss some famous and some infamous mullets.

The Man who can get away from any difficult situation using a flint, some duct tape and a Utility knife... (long before Bear Grylls was drinking Elephant Poop, Mac was the man... with the mullet.)

The Most Powerful Man in the Universe had the Most Powerful Mullet in the Universe. (He also has a mullet on the 200X cartoon)

Just pretend he is talking about how much Avatar sucks... Not only Hitler gets to rant about stuff.

The Snakes: (Solid and Liquid from Metal Gear Solid, Snake Plissken from the Escape from___ movies.)

Snake Plissken, the man who inspired Hideo Kojima's Solid Snake. (Escape From LA's story is similar to the plot of Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes... Hmm...)
Plissken is pure bad ass, gruff voice, mullet, eye patch.
Solid Snake inherited those same attributes, except the eye patch... He got a Rambo Bandana instead.

Liquid, his Evil Twin Brother is just a blonde Solid Snake, who sounds like a British He-Man and "lives" on through an arm... don't ask about the arm thing... I'm just pointing out an EVIL mullet.

Captain Planet:
He can fight pollution, yet he's AWFULLY WEAK AGAINST POLLUTION!? that's like a person who is allergic to peanuts handling peanuts at a peanut proicessing plant.

Billy Ray Cyrus:
No pic added since he sang to us that he wants his mullet back!! Just look for Achy Breaky Heart on youtube to see his full on mullet glory... He had a mullet now he doesn't...

From the deep south all the way to Japan, The mullet is a global phenomenom. Liked or hated it is there, and there were some cool people who had them. If I did this with Mowhawks there would only be two items on the list: Mr. T and Cartoon Mr. T... and maybe Rufio on a honorable mention.

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