Feb 19, 2010

Miley are you okay? Are you OK Miley?

Miley Cyrus. I've used her as a reference many times. I even avoided referencing her in articles for a while... (the whole Mileyban 10 Miley-free Articles...)but I've noticed something lately... Miley is changing... A Metamorphosis if you will...

Shes turning into MICHAEL JACKSON!!! (Or a Miley-fied knockoff.)
Miley Cyrus said, "Michael Jackson was my inspiration. Love and blessings."
Hmmm... Michael Jackson is her inspiration?

Doing a little Michael tribute using Thriller... Ok.

A Miley-fied Thriller-esque video... that's pushing it...

Oh Come ON!! That's just taking it a bit too far.

But it's OK... SHE IS NOT COPYING MICHAEL JACKSON... As long as she's not on a We are the World remake... She what? Oh sweet nibblets! What's next burning your hair during a Coke ad? Going under the knife and changing into a something that resembles a black man? Dangling babies over balconies?

Please Miley STOP TRYING TO BE MICHAEL JACKSON! Just because I'm a Miley fan does not mean that I wear a HM wig everywhere... or doing Miley Tributes on karaoke bars(Except that time, but that another story.) I like Ninja Turtles and I'm not going barefoot into sewers or storm drains either.

The original is WAY better. Now if you'll excuse me I'm gonna watch the REAL version of this song...

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