Feb 21, 2010

Hey What the!?FIRE!! FIRE!!

Welcome to a new edition of Hey What the!?
So this guy got arrested for Arson because he bragged about it.

Thanks for your thought Napoleon... I will NOT vote for Pedro...
now back to the Article... The guy was doing weed in an abandoned building then he set the building on fire... He then tells it to his hairdresser... What an IDIOT! Everyone knows that Slaons are worse than bars and the office in keeping secrets.

In other news, a man in Nepal, who is 22 inches tall (Shorter than 2 FIVE! FIVE DOLLAR! FIVE DOLLAR FOOT LONGS!) is going for the Guiness World Record. Good luck, Khagendra Thapa Magar!! I wanted to make a comment about rooting for the little guy, but I don't know if it might be offensive... I mean the dude is going for a WORLD RECORD thanks to a genetic quirk.

Holy crap! These Doctors left a Footlong spatula-like hospital tool in her abdomen!

Yup! She had something that long and metallic in her abdomen!! Here's the funny part. the hospital tried to cover it up. Now that's wrong...


Holy crap! A NINJA RESTAURANT... Let me say that again...

Taiwan's got a ninja themed restaurant in which you get served by Kunoichi (female ninja) and they do tricks with the food and stuff... Food Jutsu... Now if there were more Ninja themed restaurants across the world... that would be AWESOME!!

If you'll excuse me my jaw has hit the floor... NINJA RESTAURANTS!!! There is a NINJA RESTAURANT ON THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE!! (Probably expensive as Hell, but still! It's a NINJA RESTAURANT!) This is almost as crazy as having Vampires or Werewolves in High School... NINJA VANISH!!
Ok the ninja vanish does not work if you can't see me from the start...

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