Feb 10, 2010

Okay? Then what does the M stand for?

MTV has eliminated the Music Television out of it's logo!? WHAT THE HELL!?http://beatcrave.com/2010-02-09/mtv-drops-music-television-from-logo/

That's the final straw... They killed off the music a while ago while inserting all bunch of Reality TV crap. This goes also to It's More Sophisticated Sister Network, VH1...

Where the HELL is MY MUSIC!?

Goodbye MusicTV... Goodbye... I shall treasure the moments we shared together...


So now that the M is no longer for Music, what does it stand for?

Magneto: Yeah, the Sometimes enemy, sometimes ally of the X-Men bought the network in order to bring the mutants to his side and wage a war aginst humanity. The reality shows have hidden messages that only mutants can detect...

Meyerpire: Since Twilight is so popular with the tweens and females; it wouldn't be strange if one of the Sparklies bought it in order to promote Vegan "Vampirism".

Miley: Ok I'm just pushing it to a ridiculous level... Why the Hell would Miley Cyrus get her own network and not promote herself? (Can you imagine a network with Hannah Montana ALL DAY!? Yeah it's called Disney Chnnel.) BTW she DID have a couple of videos on the last days of Music Television... (I HAD to make a reference...)

Ok, the real answer to what the M stands for is:

Moronic. Yes Moronic Television, It's the only one that makes sense. All of these crappy reality shows that involve no music on a network formerly known as Music Television makes as much sense as having Live Action shows on Cartoon Network. (I'm not letting that one go...) OR having non-food shows on Food Network...

Long story short: New MTV Logo, almost the same as the old logo, but without the definition of MTV.

New MTV: It stinks and I don't like it!!

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