Feb 8, 2010

Playmates Toys is not my lover...

Well, Michael is dead. There are no signs of him coming back as a Zombie and making Thriller 2. His Doctor might be charged with Manslaughter...
But that's not the real news... The real news is that PLAYMATES TOYS... (As in the guys who made the TMNT, Star Trek, Terminator Salvation, and iCarly toys) are going to be making MICHAEL JACKSON TOYS!!!

I agree with Herr Toht on this... It's not a "Michael hasn't been dead for a year and now they're peddling toys" rage. It's a :"WHY oh *******ing why does it have to be Playmates Toys!?" kind of rage. I guess that I should expect barely articulated toys with a guy who doesn't look anything like Michael Jackson, dressed as Michael Jackson... (And to top it off, the good toys will be shown and scrapped while the crappier MJs will be made.) I also hope that the toys represent the LEGENDARY Michael Jackson and not the "Whee-Hee! Child Molesting Joke" MJ.

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