Feb 12, 2010

Apple Holding in 3-D

Breaking Dawn, the "epic" finale to the Twilight "saga" is being split in two. That is old news. Now the new part to these news is that they're considering 3-D!! It'll more in your face and you'll be surrounded by the sparkles and the "vampires'" chiseled bodies in 3-D.


If they go 3-D, the beautiful Birth of Renesmee is reason enough to see these literary failures on the Big Screen. Will we get the Edward/Bella sex scenes in 3-D as well?

That final battle with the Volturi will be so freaking... there was no final battle. We are going to see vampires talking... in 3-D.

That made me think... What movies should've been in 3-D:

Just picture ALL the mayhem created by the ghosts AND the Ghostbusters trying to bust those ghosts...
Now tell me if you ain't afraid of no ghosts...
Jurassic Park:
C'mon! This movie BEGS for 3-D... T-Rex chases, Dilo spit, Raptors, gallimimus stampede...
A 3-D JP would be so sweeeeeeeeet!
Anything by Michael Bay:
I'm not a fan of Michael Bay and his "Films" (Especially those based on Hasbro Toys.) but, He could make one kick-ass 3-D movie...
EVEN this would've sucked less if it had been 3-D...
Harry Potter (any of the 8 of them):
Quidditch in 3-D... Patronus and Dementors in 3-D... Now that would make Hogwarts a lot more magical.

Now this movie in 3-D would've been freaking sweet! Picture it: New York, 2001-2002 swinging across buildings in 3-D and having Spidey leap towards us while avoiding 3-d Pumpkin bombs.

Now for movies that 3-D would be unnecessary:
Brokeback Mountain:
Great movie, but 3-D would be wasted here... I don't see how a love story about cowboys be made in 3-D.
The Godfather:
Great movie, the only scene that would be good in 3-D would be the TollBooth scene.

I know that you guys were expecting something else. But THIS is 3 times more annoying than THAT...

Obviously Twilight "saga" should be on the NO 3-D list. (not gonna add trailers, since I've been in Forks for too long...)
Till next time true believers! Excelsior! Jeez! for a moment there I felt like Stan Lee...

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