Feb 5, 2010

Looks like I'll need a bigger litter box... in 3-D.

For a 10 ft. tall blue CGI kitten. Yes I saw Avatar... in 3-D just to have the whole Magic of Pandora that people are gushing over. So I grabbed my popcorn and Soda and entered the World of Pandora.

The World of Pandora is stunning (in 3-D). It gives me hope for a Decent Eternia if the MOTU movie gets made. Pandora is a character. There is something about Pandora that feels familiar... Like I've been there before.

Yes I was reminded of Final Fantasy X a couple of times during the movie.

Now that I've drooled over the "amazing" beauty of Pandora. (I still want to stay on Earth...) Let's movie on with the rest of the movie.

In a scale in which 1 is awful and 5 is SUPER MEGA AWESOME WITH A DOUBLE DIP OF CHUCK NORRIS we shall see where this movie stands.

Story: This is Avatar's weakest point. There is little story. (Crippled) White man joins tribe of Savage (Blue 10 ft.CGI Cat) Natives as a spy to destroy them but falls in love with a native and fights his own people to protect his new people. Pocahontas, Last Samurai, Dances with Wolves, Fern Gully and many others have done this before. The biggest differences are the Bestiality and the Blue CGI kittens.
Here Avatar earns a 1. Why? The story has been rehashed so many times that it feels that James Cameron isn't really trying... Unobtanium? Seriously UNOBTAINIUM. Yes I know that the term predates Avatar, but was MacGuffinium too obvious? But that thing is $20 Million a Kilo, and there's a whole lot of it in Pandora... So it seems to be important... to ONE guy. Let's forget about this and move on. Another HUUGE problem with Avatar is that it's TOO long and it dragged!

Characters/Acting: Well this is partly linked to the writing and the Actors.
In overall the score here is a 3. Why? Most of the characters where 1-dimensional and seem to be playing on stereotypes. The only one there who practically held the movie on her own was Zoe SaldaƱa as Neytiri(She alone earned the 3 points for the entire section.)
Sam Worthington was only good on the vlogging scenes and waking up and falling asleep. The rest of the time he was bland and uninteresting almost Machine like... (Wasn't he a Terminator?)
There is a General who wants to kill the Na'Vi (He was scarred by one) who acts like a R. Lee Ermey knock off. Probably because the real R. Lee Ermey was too old to play that role. We got the Greedy Company man. (The only guy who cared about Unobtanium) Sigourney Weaver is there (like an extremely long Aliens reference), and that Latina Girl from the First Resident Evil Movie... Playing the Tough Latina Chick role.
Wes Studi plays a Na'Vi elder

Music: This is one of the best parts of the movie, yet I barely remember anything of it. Thus it Earned a 3. (Jim Cameron is trying to push Leona Lewis as the next Celine Dion with "I see you"... Enough with Leona Lewis! She's also in Final Fantasy XIII but that's another rant for another lifetime.)

If I were to rate it AS IS, Avatar would ger a 2.333 which makes it a subpar movie.
While it's not THE BEST MOVIE EVER, I must Recognize James Cameron's Ability as a Director. With awful characterizations, full of stereotypes and cliches, a paper thin overused story; he managed to make a blockbuster raking in a lot of money and driving people to insanity (wanting to die to be reborn as a Na'Vi, among other things...)

He's got the technique down for manipulating emotions. He's even manipulating the Academy in order to get more Oscars. (I still believe that Avatar deserves the Awards in Visuals.)

If I hadn't seen through James Cameron's tricks in Oscar baiting/audience manipulating this movie would've gotten a higher score.
The movie is overhyped and once you see beyond the "magic" of Pandora there is not much too see. And to top it off there's two sequels planned.

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