Feb 8, 2010

Hey What The!? Lap dances for Haiti

Ah, the lap dance. It makes everything better... Even Haiti.
This Ohio strip club is raising money for Haiti by lap dancing...
Yes I know I've had my share of ranting towards Haiti's situation, but this is a lot better than being (insert a celebrity here)speaking on why we should help Haiti. (We don't even know if said celeb is helping Haiti at all.)

Now things that could be better if they had a lap dance in it's package:

-Blood Drives: Nothing gets the blood pumping like a good lap dance.
-Waiting in the doctor's office:It will kill time a lot faster than reading about yacths, golfing, and Swordfishing. Also you might get one sick lap dance.
-Avatar: Sure, the BLUE CGI 10 ft. tall kitties look good on the screen, but a Lap dance would make Pandora even better. (I'll take one from Sigourney Weaver, or the Latina chick from Resident Evil over the 10 ft. blue CGI cats... I love humans, not Blue CGI cats.)
-Jonas Bothers' concerts: It's something to distract your mind from them.
-Crappy videogames: This falls in the same vein as the JB concert. Turning crap into gold.
-Transformers movies: It'll take away the franchise rape, as long as Megan Fox is not the one giving it... Saw the trailers for Jennifer's Body... (Pretty sure that it IS a Megan Fox Biopic...)

Lap dance away Ohio strip club... It would be cool if Haiti COULD literally get a lap dance...

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