Feb 22, 2010

Kirsten Dunst

Let's start this rant on Ms. Dunst with the beginning.

She creeped me out in Interview with the Vampire (her best role so far.)
She grew up and moved unto other movies... (I'll talk about the ones I've seen)
In Jumanji she screamed a lot. I would be screaming too if a bunch of elephants, monelys and a whole jungle came out of a freaking Board Game... (BTW Jumanji is way better than Zathura...)
She also screamed a lot in Small Soldiers. (I mean who wouldn't if an army of Evil GI Joe like toys wanted to ruin everything.)
Spider-Man: She played the lovely Mary Jane Watson. In this movie... Yup you guessed it She screams a lot...
Is it me or does she earn her paychecks by screaming? By the way she does scream in the sequels... OK on the Spidey franchise killer movie that was Spider-Man 3 they recycled Pre-recorded Dunst screams from Spider-Man 2. Still that's a lot of Screaming...
Now that Spidey 4 is no longer, what's Ms. Dunst doing?

How about Dressing up, putting on a wig and singing... That kinda sounds like...

I know... I'm going overboard with the references... but this time Ignore Miley/Hannah and pay attention to Lola, her sidekick...Weird colored wig and weird outfits... almost like an anime character. (Lola, meet your long lost sister!!!)

What if I told you that Kirsten Dunst wnet to Japan to do a cover of The Vapors' Turning Japanese while dressed up as an anime character...
Kirsten Dunst singing a song about Masturbation, while harassing Japanese People in Japan.
Can't post the video since it is NSFW (contains cartoon boobs, Kirsten Dunst panty shots and sparkles... Sparkles should be banned form the internet...) I will not tell you that if you search Kirsten Dunst Turning Japanese on certain site that has videos...

♪I've got your picture, I've got your picture
I'd like a million of them all 'round myself
I want a doctor to take your picture
So I can look at you from inside as well♫

So from trying to kill Tom Cruise to singing about Masturbation... Kirsten Dunst has done a lot of weird stuff in her career. Now if she does a cover to a certain song by the Divinyls... I don't want to think much about that, otherwise the Earth might implode on itself.

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