Sep 16, 2017

Figures that Power Con could do (variants)

With the recent release of the Power Con 3 packs (BBTS Should be shipping mine in a few weeks) I've been thinking about Variants/repaints that could be made for Power Con 2018. This list will not be of new characters like Slamurai or the Horde Snake Troopers. This list is more variant oriented like Mini Comic Tri-Klops kind of thing.

Since I mentioned Tri-Klops, let's start with him.
New armor. That's all he needs. We have everything else. (Bonus if the sash is a separate piece, a repaint in purple can be used for Carnivus)
But Tri-Klops a three pack does not make...
Let's toss Mini Comics Randor and Marlena.
Marlena is pretty much the same Marlena we got but changing her forearms to the ones from Sorceress. Paint her head in a paler reddish blonde and we're done with her.
For Randor, we do the Search for Keldor version, which is Toy Randor with blue arms and white hair.

 Obviously that a "200X" set would be suggested here, which will be my next suggestion.
He-Man is just a new harness and maybe loincloth, since we have the rest of the pieces. Have him come with just the power sword to compensate for the new tooling needed on the other 2 figures.
She-Ra is just a new skirt and sword, seeing that the rest of her parts would come from Teela and BP She-Ra.
Skeletor would need new forearms, loincloth, and shins. (Worst case scenario, Draego forearms and He-Ro shins)

This next one is a curveball because I'm going full Filmation here...
Prince Adam, who is literally a new vest.
FAKER, who is literally a He-Man without pupils and GITD paint on his eyes.
Last but not least, Man-E-Faces: Beastman disguise. Literally Beastman with new armor to accommodate the Man-E-Faces head.

Part of me is interested in a "Newspaper strip 3 pack".
Prince Adam... I know he looks "just like the toy version", but this is a perfect excuse to toss in a "Normal Adam" with a sword holster on his tunic. The sword would be the Filmationy sword in one tone silver to match MOTUC Adora.
Figure 2 would be Duncan, the white hair and reusing the Demo-Man or Preternia Disguise Tunic completes the look. The new tooling could be used on a vintage toy accurate mace for him. Sometimes his armor looked like a normal shirt, that's the look I'm going for.
Figure 3 would be...
King Hssss! There was a reason WHY I was avoiding new pieces on the others. He COULD be made via kitbashing Snakemen... Rattlor has a front torso perfect for him... but if SOME new pieces are needed, let's use them on Hssss.

Birth of Skeletor 3 pack.
Keldor with a new burnt face and carrying the 200x swords.
Evil Lyn who should get a new tunic and reuse the Huntara boots to get a 200x-ish look.
Figure 3 would be Hordak.
New head and cowl (with the epaulets)
The rest can be made using parts from existing figures. Sea Hawk gloves, Standor Loincloth, Horde Prime boots. Etc.

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