Sep 17, 2017

We NEED a Darkstalkers 4...

You heard, or read me right. We NEED a Darkstalkers 4. Seeing that some Darkstalkers  (especially Morrigan, who finally ditched the old sprites) showing up in MvC:I I said to myself: "Self, you ARE aware that adding a couple of Darkstalkers to MvC4 could lead to a Darkstalkers 4..." to which I replied: "I hope so, self. I'd LOVE a Darkstalkers 4! "
Having the classic crew return in 3D would be interesting... All the night warriors and maybe some new faces. Personally, I'd like to see some Dark Hunters, because Donovan, Hsienko, and BB Hood aren't enough. Maybe even some creatures, like say El Chupacabra, being a human made abomination by combining Human DNA with different types of Darkstalkers. Wendigo, which could be a slightly different kind of Sasquatch, but more violent looking... Maybe adding a North American shapeshifter and a poison fairy to mock Twilight.

Also, since the trend of having "Guests from other companies' games" I figure that A dude from this clan would be perfect.
Yes, I chose Richter's version of Vampire Killer for obvious reasons... Namely have Maximoff and Belmont reference This beauty.
Now think about it... You know you WANT a Darkstalkers 4 now.

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