Sep 6, 2017

A Small Announcement

Due to some circumstances in real life (normal job related) I MIGHT be a bit too constrained in time to be able to rant as often as before. I still need to get used to the new routine before I can return to some sort of normalcy at the House of Rants... I am NOT closing up shop, just stating that I may not be able to have the "1 rant per day" or its equivalent. Not to mention the whole Hurricane Irma thing going on. No Power = No PC Usage. No PC Usage = No Internet. Will try to be safe.

I'm currently preparing a play by play Rant for a Japanese Live Action movie. If power is restored soon after the SSJG Hurricane Irma I'd be able to upload the rant.
 Once the MOTUC and Filmation figures arrive, they will come out of the toy chest.

With this new work situation I may have to say goodbye to my plans of meeting Jason David Frank and Vic Mignogna. Well, I need to pay bills and stuff and I can't beg people for money via patreon or gofundme...

In the Meantime, enjoy this video of Skeletor and He-Man dancing...
me out of the Toy Chest... Maybe I'll finally open the April O'Neil from NECA...

MoneySuperMarket - Dirty Dancing from Blink on Vimeo.

The costumes on these ads are fantastic... It's like they brought the MOTUC Figures to life!!
They also showcase that a true blue Vintage He-Man would look a bit bad in live action... maybe a darker loincloth? Skeletor looks badass!

Look at him!! Maybe make his colors a bit more muted, a more grayish skin and darker but faded purples could make him more "realistic" Love that he has the finned arms from the MOTUC Figure. A bit sad that his feet aren't the "duck feet". I think this video deserves a rant of its own...

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