Sep 6, 2017

The Infamous Money Supermarket He-Man and Skeletor Dirty Dancing ad

You know which ad I'm talking about...

I've already talked about how cool the costumes are for their accuracy to the toys. My only real gripe is...

Of All the songs that they could dance to, it had to be Dirty Dancing's (I've Had the) Time of my Life

I mean come on! Here we have YET ANOTHER He-Man is gay hardy har har joke here.

See THAT'S THE PROBLEM I HAVE with Mattel's treatment of the brand. They leave it out to dry and with no real material to defend the brand the jokes remain the only thing that the brand is known for.

What about...

Stop it right there! If you're going to mention Transformers, Star Wars, Ninja Turtles, or Power Rangers, hear me out.
All of those have had a constantly on-going series promoting the brand alongside the occasional silly thing that pops up.
Star Wars was Popular when the Holiday Special showed up and that abomination was a kinda discreet set-up to the upcoming  Empire Strikes Back.
TMNT were at the height of their popularity when they came out of their shells (ew)
Transformers had an animated series and upcoming movie when the Citroen vehicle robot ads showed up. Heck even the Optimus Prime/Pinkie Pie Crossover for the IDW comics had both TF and MLP with active shows... Something TRUE TO THE NATURE OF THE BRANDS TO FALL BACK ON.

What does He-Man have? An obscure Toyline that only the hardest of the hardcore fans knew about? A comic book series that was competing hard in being Outneitliching the Neitlichverse and then a Thundercats crossover that turned into a mockery of both brands? You know what the worst part is? That MATTEL WAS IN ON IT... If it hadn't been for the incompetence after Neitlich left and Matty closed up shop in 2017, we might have gotten a Filmation Adam for SDCC, but not because he's a Key Filmation MOTU Character, but because of this:

This rumor was going around for a while. IF it was true, then it would show that Mattel is run by dumbasses that have no idea what to do with their properties... Although we've had plenty of evidence for that... Just look at Max Steel.

The He-Man movie "is coming"... Where is Mattel trying to hype up people with MOTU? We need something more than these "jokes" to get hyped up for the brand, or heck to ensure the longevity of it. Part of me feels sad with the idea that He-Man dies with us.

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