Sep 17, 2017

Top 10 Kombatants that Storm Collectibles should tackle.

We have seen a few Kombatants that Storm Collectibles has done.
Noob, Scorpion, Sub-zero, Reptile, Shao Kahn, Goro, sculpt protos of Kitana, a Cyber ninja, Baraka, Liu Knag with Dragon Fatality form.

All of those are good (my achy breaky wallet) and if they do a Klassic Johnny Cage, I HAVE to get him, so here's my list of Klassic Kombatants (pre-3D era) that they should make.

Rayden: you thought I'd start the list with Mr. Cage? Well, no. I'm starting with the Thundergod himself. Personally, I'd take the MK2 version, because it's more colorful. He'd be needing lightning effects, the stand for his flying move, and obviously faveplates and hands.

Kano: He's obviously a popular character... Heart ripping fatality anyone? Here's where I'm torn. I like the MK3 outfit, but I'm not a fan of bald Kano. I'd take the MK3 look over the MK look if a hybrid can't be made.
He's going to need his knoife, the heart, maybe a faceplate that a laser beam can be plugged to the cyber eye. Extra hands and usual stuff.

Jax: I like both versions of Jax and would like to have the option for flesh or cyber arms. But if I HAVE TO MAKE AN EITHER OR CHOICE, Cyber arms win, because they're iconic.

Shang Tsung: TBH I want the MK version as a joke, but I'm pretty sure that MK2 or 3 will be the one made.

Kung Lao: MK2 version. No need to go into details. But I prefer the MK2 look to Mr Kung Lao.

Sonya Blade: MK3 look... Cause Kerri Hoskins. Mmmmm! Kerri Hoskins...

Quan Chi: I know what you're thinking:
You bastard! You used Mythologies as a loophole to bring 3D era characters!

Motaro the wallet rapist: This one would be expensive as heck and people may "accidentally" break him just to get revenge on all those lost quarters.

Sindel: Kahn is coming soon, Kitana too... (Mileena and Jade could happen as well because repaints.) Makes sense for Mrs. Shao Kahn to be made.

Last but not least, Nightwolf... just kidding, it's Johnny Cage! He'd be the MK2 version because the Frank Dux look from the first MK isn't as appealing. His accessories would be the obvious ones hands, faceplates, energy blast, green effects to mimic the shadow afterimages. I'd like for him to have a hand holding glasses for the faceplates without glasses. A Secret accessory could be a Goro hand breaking a pair of glasses as a nod to the movie.

That's pretty much it. The lack of repaints is for obvious reasons, there is no Stryker because I think I'm the only person who kinda likes Stryker.

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