Sep 24, 2017

What's in a name? Slamurai.

Slamurai... what visual pops in your head when you hear that word?
Well, it should be a white ninja...
Are you lost? Welcome to my world.
You know the Power-Con Reuse 88 Wave 3 pack... The one with the dude wearing Snake trousers for his trouser snake. The one with the Whiplash, Trap Jaw, Rattlor, Mosquitor thing. Well, the white ninja has been ID'd as Slamurai... Due to poor Internet connectivity, I cannot use the Naked Gun facepalm.

Slamurai? Now, this is the part where some History buffs come and say: "Well, actually..." something something ninja samurai something.

I'm aware of this. But John Q Public is not. Much less little Johnny, who grew up in the 80s watching GI Joe, MOTU, and TMNT.
If you say Slamurai, you should picture a samurai dude with some sort of slamming attack. Like being able to create earthquakes by slamming his sword to the ground or something.

Something along the lines of Sy-Klone with other parts from other characters... like Standor's loincloth, Prahvus's boots, He-Ro's bracers and a new lenticular label that shows a seismic graph. Give him 3 samurai swords and call it a day.

The white Ninja I'm calling something else. White Shadow seems to be winning so far.

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