Sep 1, 2017

So, the burning question: Does Super7 get a passing grade?

Now that I did 4 out of 5 Ultimates, is it enough for me to give them a final grade?
The answer is no. Once Waves 1 of Classics and Club Grayskull are reviewed, that's when I can give my final grade... I can give a Mid-term grade so far. I'll be using the same grading system as the it came from the toy chest to get the average.

Let's begin:

Communication was a bit of an issue. Videos explaining some status reports were consistent, though some issues popped up between videos that weren't properly communicated and rubbed some people the wrong way. The silence on the Resealable issue was the biggest offense. While Flynn acknowledged it was his fault, an omission is still a lie. 3.0

Payment was a breeze, while it STINGS A LOT that we have to pay it all upfront, there is no Matty scramble and no dealings with the incompetence made corporate... Digital River. 4.5

Delivery of product had a few issues: First the delays DUE TO THE FACTORY not keeping the molds properly, then the Dock Workers Strike...
While Technically NOT Super7's fault, they did leave a lot of people with a sour taste.  I'm only mentioning it for the sake of objectivity. (That is also why I haven't taken potshots at Super Kami Toyguru in here so far. This doesn't count. I'm stating that I haven't taken potshots at the guy.)

When the Product finally arrived to Super7's HQ it only took 4 days to arrive to my doorstep (and that was because the mailman didn't leave my package abandoned on my porch and I had to pick it up the next day at the post office.) 5.0

The final thing I have to use to grade them is the Toys themselves.
I'm taking the average of all It Came from the Toy Chest and using that as the final score. While I don't OWN Ram Man, I saw one in person and was able to judge it using my 5 point system.
4.40 is the actual score, BUT I have to round it. Math says I have to round it down to 4.0 but that would mean that I'd be removing nearly HALF a Point from the score. If I round Up, I'm giving them 1/10th of a point. So I'll do BOTH Scores for the sake of being as unbiased as possible.
Rounding DOWN 4.0 ROUNDING UP 4.5

Super7 so far has a 4.13 or a 4.25 as their final score. This would translate to a B- which isn't TOO BAD, but it could be better. Communication, while it's leagues better than Mattel in the post-Neitlich era, sometimes it can be a bit too quirky for their own good. If there's an area that needs a small improvement, I'd say that one. The toys themselves need a smaller push, but they changed factories AFTER The Ultimates, so we'll see how that fares once we get the other waves.

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